Since its founding in 1991, the Foundation has funded 846 grants totaling more than $12 million

What does the Foundation fund?

The Foundation funds projects that enhance the educational experience of Bronxville students. Most grant applications are submitted by Bronxville educators, but parents and students have submitted applications as well. Projects include:

  • New curriculum development
  • Pilot programs
  • Professional development for teachers
  • Technology
  • Special equipment, materials, tools and resources
  • Facilities planning and renovation

What criteria is used to decide what to fund?

Every grant application is reviewed by the entire Foundation Board. Considerations include:

  • Fit with the Foundation’s mission to enhance education
  • The power of the project to help transform teaching and learning
  • The ability of the District to sustain the work after the pilot phase
  • The viability of project budgets and implementation plans
  • Distribution of resources across all three schools and all academic and co-curricular areas
  • The number of students that will be impacted immediately and in the future

How does the grant process work?

The Foundation undertakes a grantmaking process that lasts most of the school year

  • Fall - members of the Foundation Board’s Grants Committee fan out to speak with administrators, teachers, grade-level team heads, department chairs, club advisors, students and parents to talk about the grants process and to understand the needs and priorities for the coming year
  • Early March - Ideas are turned into grant applications and submitted to the Foundation by early March, mostly by educators but also students and community members
  • March to May - applications undergo an extensive due diligence process - every member of the Foundation board reads each application and submits questions for the grant applicant. Budgets and implementation plans are scrutinized, fit with the Foundation mission is established, likely impact is assessed.
  • May - Grants are awarded in May and projects are usually implemented over the summer putting donations to work in our children's classrooms right away
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