What is The Bronxville School Foundation?

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded by school parents in 1991. They wanted to create a permanent vehicle for raising money for important projects that the District budget could not fund. Then and now, many of these projects are critical to keeping Bronxville School on the forefront of K-12 education. The Foundation is independent from the Bronxville School, but its mission is to support our school and educational excellence in our village. The Foundation raises money each year through donations from community members, alumni, corporations and others. These contributions are then used annually to fund grants exclusively for the Bronxville School that provide new equipment, programs, curricular innovations, teacher training and tools that make our school an even stronger academic institution.

Who founded The Bronxville School Foundation?

The Foundation was founded in 1991 by school parents working closely with both Bill Greenham, the Superintendent at the time, and members of the Board of Education. The founders worked diligently to set up an effective and highly professional volunteer organization that continues to this day. See more in History.

Is there a difference between the PTA and the Foundation?

The Foundation and the PTA both provide critical support to our school’s success, but they do very different things. The Foundation raises money to fund projects that will improve the quality of education for your children such as pilot programs, new curricula, technology, teacher training, special equipment and resources, and facilities re-design and renovation. Recent Foundation grant awards include:

  • Design & Innovation Center
  • Bronco TV Studio
  • "Design Thinking" Debrief Sessions - What We Learned from Covid
  • Zoom Classrooms & Teacher Home Use Equipment
  • High School Musical - Outdoor Performance Sound Assistance
  • Technology Upgrades for Special Education Classes
  • Mandarin Classes
  • STEM Technology, Programming & Robotics
  • Project LUSY: Seed Money for Entrepreneurship Classes
  • Middle School Art Room Renovation
  • Acoustical Shells & Lighting Upgrades for the Performing Arts
  • Elementary School Diversity Book Club Visit with Author Grace Lin
  • Multiple Wellness & Mindfulness Initiatives
  • LocalLive Streaming & Best in Class Sports Equipment & Facilities
  • And so much more ...

The PTA plays a vital communications role by keeping parents informed about important school news through monthly Elementary, Middle and High School Council meetings and class parent volunteers. PTA funds support the work of the councils that include committees that provide after-school programs, support the school community, enhance social life, promote health and wellness and carry on the best of Bronxville School culture and traditions. PTA funds also help support large-scale facilities projects.  The PTA funded the renovation of the Middle and High School Library.  PTA-sponsored programs include:

  • Athletic Council Branding Campaign & Homecoming Activities
  • B*Well-Speakers, Films & Workshops
  • BOLD (Bronxville Org. for Learning Differences) Speakers & Workshops
  • After-School Enrichment (BASC)
  • Teacher Appreciation Receptions
  • Challenge Success - Teacher Curriculum Development Workshops
  • New Families Committee Programs
  • Leap into March Arts Festival - Art Exhibition & Open Mic Night
  • Elementary School Circus, Play, Colonial Fair & Lecture Series 
  • Graduation Events, Middle School Gift Bags & Video, High School Lawn Signs
  • And so much more ...  

For more information, visit the Bronxville PTA website.

Who submits grant requests to the BSF?

While the majority of requests come from our teachers and administrators, we also get requests from students, parents and others. Any community member can submit a request, providing the request is focused on resources for the Bronxville School. Learn more about grants here.

Who decides how the money is spent?

The Foundation has a 30 member board comprised of 26 volunteer community members plus the V.P. of the PTA, one school board representative, the superintendent, and the BSF Executive Director. The community members represent a broad cross section of our overall community – school families, empty-nesters, alumni, etc. As representatives for all our donors, our board takes very seriously its responsibility in considering grant applications each year. We are focused on ensuring that the grants awarded are beneficial for a large number of students and are consistent with the goals of the school and the BSF mission. In March, all of the grant requests are submitted to the BSF and given to the board to review. We have a rigorous procedure for evaluating grants and requests are voted on by the entire BSF board after a thorough review. See Grants for more information.

How independent is your grant process from the goals of the administration if you have the Superintendent and a School Board member on your board?

An important reason the BSF has been successful over the years is our close partnership with District administration, faculty, the PTA and the Board of Education. By doing this, we have been able to play a strategic role in prioritizing needs and working toward the common good of the school. This does not mean that the administration or the school board dictates what we choose to fund. Instead, they provide meaningful input into the due diligence process our board undertakes each year on grant applications that helps our board members make informed decisions. 

Do most school families give a donation?

In the last five years, an average of roughly forty percent of our school families gave a donation. Since Foundation resources are so critical to the quality of the Bronxville School, and since every student and family benefits from a strong school, our goal is to achieve a higher rate of participation. One hundred percent of our board members make a contribution. See a list of donors to the Foundation

What amount do most people give?

We have individual donations of $25 and some over $20,000. Our average donation is around $850. A donation of any amount is appreciated and makes a difference to your child's education and the health of school and the larger community.

How much money do you raise?

For 2020-2021, we had total contributions of $437,539 from donors to the annual community fund drive and participants in the annual Katie Welling Memorial Run/Walk. Additional donations were made by alumni to support the Foundation. Our donors are school families, alumni, community members, faculty, and many others who support our mission. Here is a list of the grants made possible by donor generosity.

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