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The Foundation Announces 15th Annual Katie’s Run/Walk Is Virtual November 15-30

By Julie Meade

The 15th annual Katie Welling Memorial Run/Walk honoring the life of Katie Welling, a 2002 BHS graduate who died in an off-campus fire at Miami University in Ohio at the age of 21, will be held virtually again this year for maximum safety and flexibility due to continuing COVID concerns.  This beloved Bronxville tradition benefits the Bronxville School Foundation.

Participants can complete a 2.5-mile run, walk or bike any time from November 15 through 30.  Walking or running on a treadmill or riding on a stationary bike counts too and is a great way to participate virtually in this wonderful community event!

“Last year, it was incredible to see the many creative ways that people chose to participate in Katie’s Run over the two-week virtual event,” said Rob Crystal, the Bronxville School Foundation’s Chairperson.  “Many people participated from places far beyond Bronxville’s one square mile, while others honored the wonderful tradition of Katie’s Run by finishing the event at the Bronxville School track.  Even though we could not all be together, participants uploaded great photos to a community album that allowed us to share in the virtual event together and feel the special sense of community that Katie’s Run creates.”  The virtual event raised more than $20,000 from over 200 participants and donors.

Participants are invited again this year to upload photos of themselves, families and friends to a community photo album on the event’s registration website at   You can also view some of last year’s great pictures for inspiration!

Katie’s Run/Walk was created by friends and family to commemorate her great sense of humor, infectious laugh and love of life.  With the support of her friends, village residents, Bronxville School faculty, staff and alumni and village merchants, Katie’s Run has raised nearly $240,000 since its inception in 2007.  These funds go to maintaining the excellence of the Bronxville School by enabling the Bronxville School Foundation to make grants for equipment, curriculum and specialized programs that the Bronxville School would not have otherwise been able to afford.  This past year, the Foundation’s support was more critical than ever in enabling our school to reopen safely during this unprecedented time.

“We are honored that the Wellings chose the Foundation as their partner fifteen years ago and look forward to a great event this year,” said Rob Crystal.  “We were thrilled to call Tom Welling our colleague during his years of dedicated service to the Foundation.”

To register for the 15th Annual Katie Welling Run/Walk, please go to: and click on the banner in the upper right-hand corner.

There is no registration fee again this year, but a tax-deductible contribution would be appreciated and would be of great benefit to the Bronxville School Foundation.

For more information on Katie’s Run/Walk or the Bronxville School Foundation, please contact Executive Director, Helena McSherry at (914) 395-0515 or

Helena McSherryThe Foundation Announces 15th Annual Katie’s Run/Walk Is Virtual November 15-30
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Fourth Graders Benefit from New Flexible Seating Options

With a book in hand, fourth graders in Derrick DiRienzo’s class moved freely around their classroom to choose which type of seating worked best for their needs. Some preferred reading their book on floor cushions, while others opted for reclined seating or their new desks and chairs.

“In my classroom, the students can choose where they want to sit during independent math, reading and writing time,” DiRienzo said. “This level of choice has promoted both collaboration and productivity but also their independence and responsibility. Choosing the right place to sit is a skill that we are working on because it requires a certain level of maturity.”

Thanks to a generous grant from the Bronxville School Foundation, DiRienzo’s classroom is one of several elementary school classrooms that are equipped with flexible seating options to keep students engaged and to optimize learning. The classrooms are equipped with new desks and chairs that can be easily moved around to encourage collaboration among peers. In addition, they feature various types of floor seating options that allow students to sit in areas of the classroom that are most conducive to their personal productivity.

“The transformational professional development and consulting our faculty has been receiving from Innovation Design for Education has contributed to our understanding of executive functioning,” DiRienzo said. “The newly acquired furniture is aligned to the structures of IDE including but not limited to activity lists, benchmark lessons, the learner-active and technology-infused classroom and authentic learning units. The furniture is creating unique opportunities for us to apply this new understanding of how our students learn successfully.”

While flexible seating refers to the types of furniture, it also refers to the freedom it provides students with. DiRienzo said that, ultimately, he would like to move away from assigned seating and reach a level of full classroom flexibility.

“The fourth-grade team is very appreciative of the Foundation’s assistance in helping us to reach this goal,” he said. “They share our modern approach to classroom flexibility, and we look forward to partnering with them on future projects.”

Helena McSherryFourth Graders Benefit from New Flexible Seating Options
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New Vibrant Designs Revitalize Elementary School Playground

A colorful, bright and vibrant playground surface – designed to foster creativity and inspire free play – has become a reality at Bronxville Elementary School, thanks to the innovative thinking of district leaders and a generous grant from the Bronxville School Foundation.

The thermoplastic playground surface, which was installed by EduMarking on the blacktop part of the playground, is nonslip, durable and entirely chemical-free to create a safe play area for students. In addition to playing traditional games like foursquare and hopscotch, the students have the freedom to use their imagination, create games and invent their own rules.

“The thermoplastic playground surface has entirely revitalized our old blacktop by turning it into a unique experience ideal for elementary and physical education students,” said physical education teacher Anthony Vaglica, who co-wrote the grant with Assistant Principal Rakiya Adams. 

One of the educational designs features a snail with the letters A through Z to encourage students to spell out words, create obstacles courses and complete tightrope activities while going through the alphabet. Another interactive design is a dragon with the numbers from one through 25, which has inspired students to create their own obstacle courses. Other engaging activities include a maze, a “mirror me” game and a standing long jump station, as well as designs that allow students to set up their own races.

“Our playground has seen more and more students gravitating to the blacktop to challenge their imaginations,” Vaglica said. “Students have been playing traditional games, but the main attraction is the surface and the freedom it allows for.”

Vaglica said the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic sparked ideas for educators to find creative ways to maximize the school’s outdoor space for recess and physical education classes. He credited Adams for her leadership in initiating the grant due to her care and commitment to providing the best experience for all students.

“Each class needed an outdoor area during recess and the new playground surface has done so,” Vaglica said. “Rakiya and I could not be more appreciative and thankful for the support of the Bronxville School Foundation.”

Helena McSherryNew Vibrant Designs Revitalize Elementary School Playground
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Foundation Announces Six New Board Members and Launches Fall Fundraising Campaign

Article written by Nancy Marshall, Board Member, Bronxville School  Foundation  

The Bronxville School Foundation marks its 30th year  with the launch of its fall fundraising campaign and the addition of six new board members as well as a new slate of officers. Over the years,  the nonprofit organization has given more than 11.5 million dollars in  grants to the Bronxville School to enhance the quality of education by  funding new curriculum, technology, faculty training, facilities projects,  and special materials and equipment. Last year the Foundation played a  very significant role in creating a safe environment for in-school  learning, as well as technology to provide remote learning scenarios. The  Foundation actively engages with the District to identify high priority  needs that are beyond what the school’s budget is able to cover. Each  year, it relies on the fall campaign to help fund these critical grants. The  generous support received from school families and community  members through the fall fundraising campaign enables the Foundation  to fund grants that fill the gap between what the school budget provides  and what transformative education demands. Please consider a gift to  the Foundation this year.  

Join us in welcoming our newest Board members:  

Amy Atkeson  

Amy Atkeson received BS and MD degrees from Yale University and  completed her training at NY Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. She practiced as a pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine  specialist at Columbia, co-directed a medical student course on pulmonary physiology, and directed the Sleep Center and the Pulmonary  Function Laboratory, retiring in 2019. Amy serves on the boards of The  Community Fund of Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe;  Mainsprings/The Janada Batchelor Foundation for Children, which  seeks to eradicate extreme poverty in rural Tanzania; and the Yale  Alumni Fund. She and her husband, Jon, have been Bronxville residents since 2007 and have four children, including three current students at the Bronxville School and one recent graduate.  

Anthony Civale 

Anthony received a BA from Middlebury College in Political Science  and History. He has been employed by Apollo Global Management for  22 years and serves as Co-Chief Operating Officer of the firm with prior  roles as a Senior Partner in its Private Equity business and Lead Partner  and one of the founders of its Credit businesses. Anthony has been on  the board of several companies including Goodman Global, Berry  Plastics, Caesar's Entertainment and Prestige Cruises. Anthony has also  been involved in philanthropic activities including as a current Board  Member of Focus for a Future and the Samuel Bronfman Department of  Medicine Advisory Board at Mt. Sinai as well as prior service on the  Board of Trustees of Middlebury College and a Board member of Youth  INC. Since moving to Bronxville in 2016, Anthony has been active coaching youth sports in the community and at the Reformed Church of  Bronxville. Anthony and his wife, Amy, have children in the Elementary  School. 

Susan Conniff (ex-officio member, School Board representative)  

Susan received her BS in Accounting from the University of Virginia,  followed by an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at  UCLA and an MA in Journalism from Columbia University. Professionally, Susan started her career as a CPA, investment banker for  JP Morgan and later as VP for Finance at Loyola School in Manhattan.  Following Loyola, she served as a Board member and Finance Committee chair for Xavier High School in Manhattan while consulting  for other private schools and presenting at a conference on secondary  school governance at the University of San Francisco. She is currently  VP for Finance and Operations for an organization focused on  improving college access for first-generation, Pell-eligible students. Susan, her husband Chris, and their two daughters moved to Bronxville  in 2013. Susan has a daughter in the High School and another daughter  who is a 2021 graduate.  

Anabella Davis  

Anabella received a BS in Business Administration from the University  of Richmond and a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education and  Special Education from New York University. She worked as a financial  consultant in bankruptcy and litigation at Navigant Consulting, Inc.  Then switched careers to education, working at pre-schools and  elementary schools in New York City. She has volunteered as Board  Chair of Reformed Church Nursery School and various roles at the  Bronxville School PTA, including Chair of the Elementary School  Council. She is a member of Reformed Church where she taught Sunday  School. In addition, she is Board Member of FEIH, the Foundation for  Education in Honduras, a non-profit based in New York City, dedicated  to improving the lives of the neediest children in Honduras through education. Anabella and her husband, Jesse, have three children  attending the Bronxville School.  

Mike Heraty  

Mike Heraty graduated from Boston College and holds an MBA from  the University of Chicago. He is currently a Managing Director and  Head of the Institutional Solutions team at Credit Suisse. Mike serves on  the board of the Bronxville Historical Conservancy. Mike, his wife Cece, and their four children moved to Bronxville in 2011 and are all active across the community. The Heratys have three children presently  attending Bronxville School and a recent 2021 graduate.  

Amy Krause (ex-officio member, PTA, President Elect)  

Amy received a BBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin.  She worked in process consulting in the Financial Services and Utilities  industries and subsequently was a manager of operations for a large  accounting firm. Before moving to Bronxville in 2014, Amy and her  family lived in New York City for many years where she served on  several boards and was active in the New York Junior League. She  served on the PTA in a number of positions at her children’s schools in New York City and more recently at The Bronxville School. She also  recently served as a board member and Evaluations co-chair for The Community Fund of Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe. Amy and her  husband, Steve, have three children; two presently attend The Bronxville  School and one is a recent 2021 graduate.  

“Please join us in welcoming our newest members. This group brings a  strong set of diverse skills and perspectives which will serve the Board  well, particularly as we continue to navigate the Covid landscape and  work with the School to determine needs and weigh best practices in an evolving learning environment,” remarked newly appointed  Chairperson, Rob Crystal. This year is Rob’s fourth year as a Board  member. During his tenure, Rob has been an active member on several  committees. Last year, Rob served as Chair of the Development  Committee. Rob replaces outgoing Chairperson, Lori Beecher, who  helped usher the Board through an exceptional year, one which  highlighted the important role the Foundation plays in the success of the  school and its students. Lori remains on the Board and serves on the  Development Committee and Public Relations Committee. 

The other directors and officers for 2021-22 are Mike Dimitri, VP  Development; Wendy Fahy, VP Grants; Chris Krieg, VP Alumni Affairs;  Deirdre Doheny, VP Public Relations; Nancy Marshall, VP Nominating;  Mary Gay, VP Finance; Ian Putnam, VP Legal; Vincent McBride, Secretary. Helena McSherry serves as Executive Director of the  Foundation and Kathleen Matthews is the Finance Administrator.  

Returning board members are: Brian Bodell, Gio Cutaia, Won Giuriceo,  Chris Horvers, John Kelty, Erin Krestinski, Jennifer Lescott, Lansing Martinelli, Julie Meade, Heather Miner, Sam Patterson and Katie Shah.  Roy R. Montesano, Superintendent of the Bronxville School, serves as  an ex-officio member of the Board.  

Photo Credit: Patrick Savage



Helena McSherryFoundation Announces Six New Board Members and Launches Fall Fundraising Campaign
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The Continued Success of the Bronx River Research Initiative

Equipped with various tools and measurement instruments, Bronxville seventh graders took on the role of scientists and collected data along the Bronx River at Scout Field during a recent outdoor lesson. As part of their study, they tested the phosphate levels of the soil and the water’s temperature, turbidity and pH levels. In addition, they observed the flow rate of the water and took notes on various particles they noticed in the river.

“The Bronx River experience is a unique opportunity for students to take classroom content and apply it to the rigor and rewards of real scientific research,” said science teacher Daniel Tocci, who along with fellow teachers Jennifer Zopp and Karen Green, incorporate the Bronx River as a teaching environment in their science classes.

Over the course of their studies, the students will be challenged to develop a model to describe the cycling of matter and flow of energy among living and nonliving parts of an ecosystem. They will learn how changes to physical or biological components of an ecosystem affect populations and predict patterns of interactions among organisms in a variety of ecosystems. They will also evaluate solutions for maintaining biodiversity and protecting ecosystem stability. 

Tocci said the outdoor classroom experience allows the students to make real-life connections between what they’re learning in the classroom and how it applies to the work they are doing by the river. 

“The accessibility of the Bronx River offers students the ability to assess the health of the river and surrounding area and develop an action plan to help preserve this important part of their community,” he said. 

The students will continue their studies of the Bronx River throughout the year as they collect and analyze data. They will develop an action plan to address an issue affecting the health of the Bronx River and present their findings before a panel of students and community members.

The Foundation has provided support to the incredibly successful Bronx River Research Project since its inception. In what began as a research project in the summer of 2015, the Foundation provided funding to High School Science teacher Justine McClellan and two of her students to collect and analyze water samples to examine the water quality of the Bronx River. Before the summer research program was piloted, Ms. McClellan and her students expressed their hope that the results of their summer work would be incorporated in some way into the school curriculum and analyzed by the larger student body. The Bronx River Research Project has grown to something much larger than any of them ever initially dreamed. The initiative has allowed the students to become active participants in their own learning, further develop their critical thinking skills, and engage with the community around them, all of which are closely aligned with the Bronxville Promise

Helena McSherryThe Continued Success of the Bronx River Research Initiative
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Eighth Graders Sketch Objects in Newly Renovated Classroom

As eighth graders sat at their desks in art teacher Jackie D’Arco’s newly renovated classroom, they diligently worked to create realistic drawings of a meaningful object of their choice. They used the value scale, as well as a variety of drawing pencils and shading techniques to complete their compositions. 

The students began their projects by analyzing realistic graphite drawings by Armin Mersmann. They also discussed how to make an ordinary object look extraordinary by changing the camera angles, zooming in to the object and creating a successful composition using the rule of thirds. They also photographed their objects and made their photographs monochromatic to further analyze their work. 

“The students choose their most successful compositions to practice on thumbnail sketches – quick, abbreviated, small drawings to test out their different compositions,” D’Arco said. “From these sketches, they chose their most successful composition to create for their final drafts.” 

D’Arco said the students have enjoyed being creative in the newly renovated art room, thanks to the Bronxville School Foundation’s generous support. The renovated room features new tables with storage shelves underneath, as well as new chairs, a trough sink and plenty of storage space for art supplies. 

“I am extremely grateful for the Bronxville School Foundation’s continued support for the arts to allow us to provide a modern learning environment for our students,” D’Arco said. “I am excited to experiment with new art materials in our new art classroom.”

Helena McSherryEighth Graders Sketch Objects in Newly Renovated Classroom
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Bronxville High School Puts on Extraordinary Outdoor Musical

Bronxville High School presented “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” as its spring musical, and the show was held outdoors on June 4-5. Under the direction of choral director Pamela Simpson, the show featured a talented cast and crew of students. 

The musical tells the story of six prepubescents who compete in a regional spelling bee and are tested with words that ranged from the familiar, “crayon,” to the esoteric, “syzygy” to the frankly nonexistent, “catterjunes.” But correct spelling is not the only pressure facing the contestants. They must also navigate the expectations and quirks of parents, families and spelling bee administrators.

Given pandemic-related restrictions, the performances were held on the front lawn of the Bronxville School. Moving the production outdoors required extraordinary planning and sound amplification for the actors and musicians. The outdoor sound assistance was provided through a Foundation grant. The students were overjoyed to be able to carry on the wonderful tradition of the high school musical this year.

Donna Olshan, the parent of a Bronxville School graduate who was actively involved in the performing arts program, noted that it has been about 18 long pandemic months since she had seen live theater and the musical was the most wonderful treat. "What Pam Simpson pulled off was very inventive, extremely creative staging, really a model" said Olshan. "The sound system financed by the Bronxville Foundation was excellent. Every note and lyric were clear. The quality of the production was extremely high with Pam staging the musical at the entrance of the school theater as well as using several floors of the high school with actors chiming in at windows lined with posters and banners. As usual, Bronxville has talent in its ranks  but pulling it all together, and staging an outdoor musical is quite a trick. It's a very hard thing to do well, but Pam did it!"

Helena McSherryBronxville High School Puts on Extraordinary Outdoor Musical
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Bronxville School Foundation Awards $567,000 in Grants

By Lansing Martinelli, VP, Public Relations, The Bronxville School Foundation 

June 4th, 2021: The Bronxville School Foundation announced its 2021 grant awards, giving $567,000 in resources to benefit the Bronxville School’s K-12 student body. 

The grant requests came from teachers, administrators, coaches, parents, and students. This year’s grants supported meaningful projects designed to enrich the educational experience for all grades and facilitate a more flexible learning environment amidst Covid limitations. The grants included professional development, health and wellness initiatives, new equipment, and enhancements to facilities and classrooms, as well as new programs and curriculum updates.

Won Giuriceo, the Foundation’s Vice President of Grants, said, “The Foundation Board was humbled by the faithful generosity of the community especially during this pandemic year. We thank the school administration who worked tirelessly creating multiple plans for the opening of the school last fall. The school administrators, teachers, and students developed thoughtful and innovative grant requests for resources needed to adapt to the changing learning needs throughout the year: academically, athletically, and artistically. The Foundation assessed and approved the funding of these critical off-cycle and end-of-year grant requests. These grants allowed for the technological outfitting of all classrooms K through 12 and the continued innovation of academic and extra-curricular programming in a year where it was a great feat for many other districts to simply survive. The year posed significant challenges, however, the positive offshoot is that the pandemic forced innovation and change at a pace that was not previously thought possible. We are pleased to approve grants that seek to capitalize on the learnings of this past year and that advance these learnings to the next level. Thank you to the community for enabling the Foundation to be a valuable resource to the Bronxville School.” 

Foundation Chair, Lori Beecher, added, “The Foundation is beyond grateful to our donors for the continued support especially in a time like this past year where there was so much uncertainty. Thank you to every teacher, administrator, parent, and student who brought their ideas to the Foundation. They have helped to continue the Bronxville School’s mission of delivering the best possible curriculum and instruction in the most effective and safest learning environment possible. We are so fortunate to have such a strong community that works together to help our exceptional school.” 

Following is a complete list of the approved grants for the 2020-2021 school year: 

Program & Curriculum Development: 

Delivering a Dynamic & Compelling Talk 

Elementary School Math Curriculum Enhancements with Greg Tang 

Winning Mindset Training for Athletes 

Printmaking for Visual Arts 

World Languages Symposium 

Open Your Mind to Language Events 

Food Scrap Recycling Program 

Heimlich Heroes Program 

Lincoln Center Chamber Music Program 

Professional Development: 

Leading Adult Learners – Support for Teacher Leaders 

“Design Thinking” Innovative Strategy Projects for High School – Phase 2 

Health & Wellness: 

“Design Thinking” Debrief Sessions – What We Learned from Covid

Staff Appreciation – Bronxville Adult Education Classes 

Equipment & Materials: 

Bronx River Research II Equipment 

Middle School Science Microscopes 

Portable Podcast Studio 

Audio Systems for Elementary School 

Cable Channel for Bronxville UFSD 

High School Musical – Outdoor Production Assistance 

Video Camera for Bronco TV 

Chambers Field Sound System Updates 

Expansion of First Grade Book Libraries 

Keiser Trainers for Fitness Center 

Football GoRout Technology 



Zoom Classrooms & Teacher Home Use Equipment 

Innovative Designs in Education – Budgets for Classroom Redesign & Technology

Interactive Thermoplastic Surface for Elementary School Playground 

The Bronxville School Foundation depends upon contributions from school families and the community. If you would like to learn more about the Foundation, please contact the Foundation’s Executive Director, Helena McSherry, at 914-395-0515 or visit the Foundation’s website at 

Pictured here: Middle school students and teacher using a portable recording studio in orchestra, courtesy of a Foundation grant. L to R: Sophia Ikiri, Wyeth Tvenge and Kiran Madhavan. Photo courtesy of The Bronxville School Foundation

Helena McSherryBronxville School Foundation Awards $567,000 in Grants
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Foundation Grants Continue to Reap Benefits for National History Day Work – Social Studies Teachers Recognized for Outstanding Instruction

Bronxville High School teachers Kris Hart, Dana Landesman and Christina Reidel have been awarded Certificates of Excellence by National History Day, a non-profit education organization. They were recognized for their outstanding instruction in historical inquiry, persistence during an unprecedented school year and dedication to their students exploring this year’s topic. 

Hart, Landesman and Reidel have been leading ninth and 10th graders in conducting extensive, original research on historical topics of interest, focused on this year’s theme of “Communication in History: The Key to Understanding.” Through the program, students display their work in one of five ways — paper, website, documentary, performance or exhibit — and compete against students from across the country.

“We love this program and seeing what it has done for our students,” Landesman said. “This work connects to much that we value – strong research skills, authentic student voice and an opportunity to advance diversity and equity in education through student choice. Independent thinking develops in spaces where students’ ideas are listened to, respected and given structure.” 

While the pandemic has provided challenges and opportunities, the teachers and students have remained committed to their historical research. Throughout the school year, students met virtually for meetings outside of the classroom, relied on digitized collections for research and conducted virtual interviews with experts on their topics. 

“History is present in all that we do and all that we are,” Reidel said. “Understanding history allows us to make more sense of the world we are living in. Given the challenges of the past year, this seems more crucial than ever.” 

In addition, the teachers have been committed to their own professional development by taking related graduate courses, presenting at professional conferences and working with other teachers from across the state. 

 “An on-going and critical self-reflection of our classroom practice and continued professional development has allowed us to foster an environment that reflects the principles in the Bronxville Promise,” Hart said.

Principal Ann Meyer said she is thrilled that Hart, Landesman and Reidel were recognized for their outstanding work with students. 

“They have been dedicated to fostering historical thinking skills and engaging students in topics they are passionate about and committed to exploring,” Meyer said. “Teaching in a pandemic has been challenging to say the least and to see the outstanding accomplishments of our students is a testament to the unwavering support these teachers have given in the midst of difficult circumstances.” 

Now in its sixth year, the National History Day program was introduced to Bronxville by Landesman and Reidel after they attended the National Council for Social Studies Conference. Since then, an increasing number of students have won awards in the regional, state and national competitions. Special thanks to the Bronxville School Foundation for funding the teachers’ attendance and continuing to support students by providing them with the opportunity to work with performance coaching experts to enhance their presentation skills.

Helena McSherryFoundation Grants Continue to Reap Benefits for National History Day Work – Social Studies Teachers Recognized for Outstanding Instruction
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Teachers and Students of World Language Fellows Cohort Present at Regional Foreign Language Conference

Bronxville High School teachers Denise Flood and Toby Gillen and a group of students presented their work on foreign language curriculum during the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, held virtually on April 27.  
During the conference, Flood and Gillen discussed how the foreign language department designed a thematic unit across the 6-12 continuum, which allows students to analyze evidence of the complex nature of the concept of “home,” including geographic, economic, religious, power and gender influences. Flood said she hoped attendees gained skills to construct and implement a reimagined, vertically aligned unit of study. 
“In transforming a common thread, such as the home, we hope that other educators find their own means to engage all language learners through authentic cultural experiences and texts, as well as through receiving feedback from authentic audiences,” she said. “The unit was vertically aligned, 6-12, so the hope is that this could serve as a model for other disciplines to connect their units across the grade levels, create a portfolio, and, as a culminating experience, to share their growth in knowledge, understanding and complexity of the concept over time.” 
As a capstone project, students design a reflective portfolio demonstrating their growth in language over time and their deepening understanding of the concept of home. This scaffolded, thematic approach embraces technology and encourages reflection, metacognition and critical thinking. Bronxville High School juniors Elizabeth Burnell, Lucy Clark, Rory Denning, Teresa Markola, Shay Sipple and Alice Vranka also presented during the conference. Sipple said the conference provided the students with a platform to share their projects and an opportunity to share their interest in foreign languages.  
“It was great to be able to see how the theme of ‘home’ was utilized not only throughout my years in French, but also in Latin and Spanish classes in different ways,” Burnell said. “This experience also gave me a greater appreciation for the preparation and creativity that goes into creating an effective language curriculum.” 
The six students are part of the World Language Fellows cohort, which was created thanks to a generous grant from the Bronxville School Foundation. The two-year-long, advanced, interdisciplinary program was designed for students to engage more deeply in solving real-world global challenges and connect with the larger community of global scholars.  
Over the past few years, Flood and Gillen have presented on foreign language curriculum and technology topics at national, regional and local conferences, including the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Annual Conference, the AP National Annual Conference, the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers conference, the New York State Education Department conference, the Putnam Northern Westchester BOCES Tech Expo and The New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education conference. The annual Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages was designed to provide world language educators with professional development and the chance to interact with colleagues. 

Helena McSherryTeachers and Students of World Language Fellows Cohort Present at Regional Foreign Language Conference
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