$284,000 total off-cycle grants to date



Greg Tang: Elementary School Math Curriculum Updates

This grant enables the Elementary School (K-5) to continue their work with Greg Tang by focusing on key skills and strategies for every grade, differentiating for enrichment and reteaching, and exploring how to teach the most critical skills in a virtual environment.  Greg Tang has created a website that enables teachers to identify specific concepts within the Singapore Math curriculum that are challenging for the class, groups, or individual students and then allows the teachers to create learning plans to address those specific areas.   His teaching targets progression and allows for differentiation in teaching plans within a class.

Five Key Ingredients to a Dynamic and Compelling Talk : An Asynchronous Course

Each year, students in grade 8 and seniors enrolled in WISE curate portfolios of their work that align with the four dispositions of the Bronxville Promise. As part of the activity, they share their growth stories with the faculty in the form of presentations. For several years, the students have worked with Greg Shamie from The Leadership Project on how to give a dynamic presentation. Through this grant, Greg Shamie will develop modules for an asynchronous mini-course on public speaking that can be used by the school for years to come.  Additionally, Greg will train the seniors to coach the eighth-grade students in developing their presentations as part of their WISE internships.


Zoom Classrooms & Home Use Packages

Building on previous IDE grants for classroom technology and furniture, this grant outfitted Zoom classrooms with large screen monitors, webcams and microphones for hybrid and socially distanced instruction and provided teachers with home use equipment should the need for fully virtual instruction arise.  The District continues to fund IDE training for teachers to help them create learner-active, technology-infused classrooms with new components on teaching in hybrid and virtual environments.


This grant funded the application of PUREZONE to railings, handles and other high-touch areas to help keep the school facilities safe and clean.  Purezone is  an antimicrobial film that has been shown to combat the growth of coronavirus on surfaces.


Bronx River Research II -- Amphibian Research Equipment

This grant funded coverboards for a student project to sample for salamanders in Bronx River Research II,  a course that embodies the District's vision for Project Based Learning. The research project aims to determine the effects of invasive plant species on amphibians.  This grant directly supports students in Bronx River II and the coverboards can be used by future students after this project. Students in Bronx River I (approximately 20) will assist with this project and will benefit as well.

Portable Podcast Studio

This grant for a portable podcast studio will enable faculty and students to record podcasts of a professional quality for the entire District. This can be used immediately in the Middle School and High School for projects, and it will be introduced in the Elementary School as more people become comfortable with the equipment. This addresses all four of the Bronxville Promise components by amplifying student voices to discuss what is happening in their world and how they are processing schoolwork and their everyday lives.

Audio Systems for Elementary School

This grant will fund additional Juno FrontRow Audio Systems for Elementary School classrooms.  During the pandemic, these systems are incredibly helpful given that teachers and students are wearing masks and observing social distancing guidelines. Post-pandemic, the audio systems are a great tool as well. These systems allow teachers and students to be easily heard and are especially helpful at the Elementary School level where younger students may have hearing issues that have not yet been diagnosed.

Cable Channel for Bronxville UFSD

This grant will enable the District to launch an updated cable channel to communicate with school families and community members.  The cable channel will store multiple years of concerts and performances that can be easily accessed and will have a "bulletin board feature" with video, announcements and other modules (weather, twitter feeds, etc.) running simultaneously. The cable channel will enable the District to promote events and potentially stream live concerts, recitals and sporting events in the future.


Leading Adult Learners: Support for Teacher Leaders 

Dr. Elle Drago-Severson will continue her work with curriculum leaders (who represent faculty leadership across all grades and subject matters) as they pivot to hybrid learning, make adjustments to their curriculum, and rethink how best to develop a productive and cohesive classroom culture.  Curriculum leaders report that Dr. Severson’s guidance has been incredibly valuable as they work to support their teams emotionally and help them to remain resilient.

Design Thinking Innovative Strategy Projects - Phase 2

The Foundation funded work that was begun over a year ago with EnRusk (formerly NoTosh) to use the “Design Thinking” process to develop innovations in the high school focused on building community and means of connection.  As of March 2020, four groups had developed prototype ideas to pilot in the high school, but they were forced to pause the work due to COVID-19.  The four groups reconvened with EnRusk in late January 2021. The pandemic has accelerated innovation at the high school and provides a unique opportunity to move forward with the prototypes. The prototype ideas to foster greater connectivity and community are even more salient during the pandemic and therefore the impetus to innovate around these areas is greater now than even last year. This off-cycle grant supports the continuation of this work in the spring of 2021. 

Design Thinking Debrief Sessions - What We Learned from Covid 

This grant will fund ‘debrief' sessions led by Enrusk (formerly NoTosh) to determine what lessons have been learned during COVID and what we can take forward into the future. Enrusk will take the data during the debrief sessions and analyze it for themes and insights and generate reports to be shared with various constituents.  This off-cycle grant will support this work in the spring of 2021. 


$1,009,000 total grants



ES Diversity Book Club Visit from Author Grace Lin

Building on the work of the Diversity Book Club, this grant will bring New York Times best selling author/illustrator Grace Lin to the Bronxville School to address themes of inclusion, identity, and the power of story.  Grace Lin won the Newbery Honor for "Where the Mountain Meets the Moon" and the Theodor Geisel Honor for "Ling and Ting." Her novel "When the Sea Turned to Silver" was a National Book Award Finalist and her picture book, "A Big Mooncake for Little Star" was awarded the Caldecott Honor. In 2016, Grace’s art was displayed at the White House where Grace, herself, was recognized by President Obama’s office as a Champion of Change for Asian American and Pacific Islander Art and Storytelling.  Over a two-day residency, Grace will speak to students and faculty about how literature represents our identities, the dangers of stereotypical representation, and how students can find their voices as writers through art.

Canine Integrative Therapy for ES & MS Special Education

Students with disabilities often have difficulty with interpersonal communication, self-regulation and impulse control, planning and finding intrinsic motivation for learning.  This grant will teach ES and MS special class students to interact with and train dogs, allowing students to improve upon these critical skills and to develop confidence.  Working with the dogs and the trainer will directly impact the achievement of the academic, functional, communication and life goals of students in the ES and MS special classes.

First Grade Math Curriculum Updates

Building on the District’s previous work on math curriculum with Greg Tang, this grant will enable the first-grade team to work with him again to create an outline of the skills and standards across the school year and specific strategies and methods to lead more effective math lessons. The work will also focus on the selection of problem types and activities for whole-class instruction, cooperative group work, and independent practice.

Hadestown the Musical: Eighth Grade Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies

This grant will bring a cohort of 8th grade students to see Hadestown the Musical on Broadway.  Using the musical as a lens through which to view the classic myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, this grant will introduce students to western classics and their impact on the development of western literature and artistic expression.

MS & HS Book Club

This grant will fund the Bronxville Middle School and High School ELA department plans to buy books to implement book club units in conjunction with the professional development work that the District has sponsored with Literacy Consultant, Kate Roberts.

HS STEM: Interdisciplinary Curriculum Pilot

This grant will provide funding for a summer pilot in which Bronxville faculty from the technology, math, and science departments will work collaboratively on curriculum with a small group of students in order to plan for broader implementation potentially utilizing such spaces as the Learning Commons and the Innovation Lab.  Teachers will lead students through STEM curriculum in the morning and spend the afternoons debriefing the process, analyzing student work, and writing curriculum.

HS World Language Fellows - Inquiry Based Projects Program

This grant will provide funding for an advanced interdisciplinary program offered to high school students with a deep interest in the study of world languages and cultures.  The program will include field trips and offer students opportunities to interact with scholars, present their work to a community of global scholars, and obtain a seal of biliteracy.

HS Project LUSY: Seed Money for Entrepreneurship Classes

This grant will provide seed funding for the Entrepreneurship classes in an effort to support and encourage the spirit of innovation in Bronxville.  Enrolled students will pitch their ideas, projects will be selected, and the class will develop the selected projects.

HS International Thespian Society Troupe - Year 2

This grant supports the second year of the Bronxville School’s International Thespian Society Troupe. This experience offers our young thespians additional exposure to the arts as well as opportunities to perform.


Design & Innovation Center

In the last four years, the high school has added significant coursework to the curriculum in engineering, programming and technology. This grant to fund a Design and Innovation Center will provide a wonderful new space for the exciting work our students and faculty are doing in these areas.  Courses that will be able to take place in the Design and Innovation Center include current offerings like Introduction to Engineering, Computational Physics, and Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles.  New courses that are being developed and can take place in the Design and Innovation Center include  Robotics and Entrepreneurship.


Innovative Designs for Education: Classroom Redesign Phase III

This grant will allow the District to continue its partnership with IDE, Innovative Designs for Education. IDE, led by Dr. Nancy Sulla, helps schools to redesign classrooms and strengthen instructional practice that supports students’ ability to take ownership of their work and develop executive functioning skills.  Following successful earlier cohorts, this grant funds phase III to recruit the next cohort of teachers to engage in professional development with IDE to establish classroom environments that promote student ownership and executive functioning, including students’ ability to plan, manage time, problem solve, and self regulate. The training includes new components on teaching in a hybrid environment.  Professional development with IDE and pay for participating teachers is funded through the district. This grant provides a budget for participating teachers to buy technology to redesign classrooms to match instructional goals associated with LATI-C (Learner Active, Technology Infused Classrooms).

MS Art Room Renovation

This grant will fund improvements to the Middle School Art Room that will increase the functionality and flow of the space.  The new furniture will  provide students with ample room to create and store their artwork, all in a comfortable and organized workspace.  The new chairs will give Middle School students greater mobility, which allows them to better focus.  The teacher will have a large drafting desk that will enable students to see artistic demonstrations while gathering around the table as well as demonstrations projected from the Doc Camera onto the TV screen.  The new space will feel like a modern art studio and cultivate independent artists in high school and beyond.


3-D Printer for MS Science

This grant funds the purchase of a 3-D printer that will be used in Middle School Science.  The science curriculum in eighth grade includes a culminating building project that employs all of the knowledge the students learn during the second half of the school year including energy, motion and forces.  Students will use the 3-D printer to build a device that accomplishes a task in a unique and innovative way.  Students who participate in the Science Olympiad also will learn the 3-D printer’s capabilities and use it to build their devices for their competition.

Unruly Splats: ES Coding & Active Play

This grant for Unruly Splats will bring coding and active play together for our students. Students will use iPads in conjunction with programmable splat boards that light up and make sounds as a fun introduction to scoring and comparing algorithms.  The Unruly Splats plan aligns with the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) Algorithms and Programming Standards for Grades 3-5.  Students will learn how to make decisions with conditional statements and to keep score with scoring blocks.  Students also can create their own games and play them with classmates like relay races and obstacle courses.

Bronco TV Studio Consultant & Equipment

This grant provides technical support and equipment for the TV studio including a 4K Recorder, Q-Lab Service, a Field Recorder Package, and Scenic Prints and Materials.

iPads, Headphones & Milo Robot for ES & MS Special Education Classes

This grant will greatly enhance the learning environment in our Special Education classes by providing key technology enhancements.  Students will receive iPads, and teachers will receive professional training to optimize their efficient use.  Noise cancelling earmuffs and headphones will allow the students to focus better in the classroom as well as participate in larger school gatherings.  This grant also will provide funding for MILO the Autism Robot, which has revolutionized how children with autism learn and develop socially and emotionally.

VEX V5 Robotics Kits for MS Technology Class

This grant provides funding for VEX V5 Robotics Kits that will enable Middle School students to experience programming and mechanical engineering on an authentic level.  Vex Robotics offers the ability to construct, program and pilot a student-made robot that can perform simple and complex tasks.  This brand of robotics kits have age appropriate equipment that can be deployed in current elementary and future high school offerings.

Acoustical Shells for MS and HS Music & Performing Arts

This grant will provide funding for the replacement of four Wenger Acoustical Shells, which project sound in the auditorium.  This grant will be a great benefit to our music and performing arts students during concerts and recitals.

Upgrade Moving Lights for Auditorium

This grant funds the purchase of additional moving theatrical lights to use during stage productions, plus accessories to complete the original plan for auditorium lighting.

Local Live - Live Stream Sports and Special Events

This grant will provide funding for the live streaming and film footage of sporting events for our varsity athletic programs and other special events.  The Local Live services will allow friends and family members to live stream games when they are unable to attend in person.  Film footage will also be a highly beneficial tool enabling coaches to give instruction, helpful play review, and constructive feedback to players.

Blended Learning - New ES PE Audio Visual Equipment

This grant will fund audio-visual equipment in three Elementary School playrooms that will include large screen monitors, speakers, wireless microphones and bluetooth connectivity. The screen and speaker media system will support and enhance current Physical Education curriculum as well as mindfulness and yoga exercises.  With the use of Air Tame 2, PE teachers can use apps and other novel capabilities on iPads to cast the screen right to the monitors in the gyms.

Portable Recording Studio for Performing Arts

This grant will fund a digital portable recording studio to be used by our music students for compositions, personal assessments, ensemble pieces and recordings for college applications.  The studio will also be used to create recordings of performances on school grounds such as the Memorial Day performance.

ES Sensory Path Hallway

This grant funds the installation of a Sensory Path Hallway, an 80’ path comprised of colorful decals laid out by design on the floor and wall of a 40’ portion of a hallway.  The path will give  Elementary School students an opportunity to self regulate through an aesthetically pleasing sensory motor experience.

Sports Vertical Jump/Speed Training Equipment

The grant will provide funding for a Vertimax V8 EX vertical jump and speed training system.  The Vertimax Platform is specifically designed to maximize athletic potential by focusing on three key components:  speed, explosive power and vertical jump.  Its resistance technology allows athletes of all ages to train in the vertical and horizontal planes with consistent loads on specific areas of the body that result in marked athletic performance improvements.  The Vertimax system can be used in connection with nearly any sport, and up to 5 athletes can train on a VertiMax platform at one time.  The system can be utilized by our Elementary, Middle School and High School students.

Wireless Sound Systems for Indoor/Outdoor School Events

This grant will fund two wireless and chargeable sound systems that can be used for a variety of school events.  The larger system will be used for outdoor events on fields, in the playground, and on the front lawn.  The smaller system is best suited for indoor events in the gymnasiums or cafeteria.


Leadership Development Learning for Curriculum Leaders

"This grant will extend the work started by Dr. Ellie Drago-Severson in Bronxville with teachers in formal leadership positions. The work is based on her book, "Leading Adult Learning," which aims to provide an effective model of support for leadership and leadership development.  Dr. Drago-Severson will provide two days of individual coaching for all Curriculum Leaders, K-12, in one-on-one sessions to support their work with the adults in their care.

MS & HS Voluntary Reading in World Language Classrooms

This grant will fund professional development for teachers seeking to incorporate voluntary reading into the World Languages curriculum.  A consultant will work with the faculty to develop instructional strategies and design a program to incorporate reading libraries of various genres into the World Languages curriculum.




HS Portable Meditation Cart

The grant will fund portable meditation carts that will include meditation pillows, blankets, yoga mats, and a singing bowl to provide an escape from the stress of the school day for students and faculty alike.  The meditation cart will provide a mobile outlet for teachers who are interested in bringing these practices into their classrooms but do not have a dedicated space.

One Love Curriculum for HS & MS

This grant will allow freshmen to participate in a grade-wide One Love workshop during their Freshman Transition Program facilitated by high school students and a dedicated One Love staff member.  High School students will also work on outreach, plan fundraising events, and be trained to facilitate an enhanced version of the One Love workshops in Middle School advisory classes, all under the guidance of a dedicated One Love staff member.  As a culminating Senior Week event, a One Love workshop will be led by students and the dedicated One Love staff member for all seniors to be educated and reminded of resources available before going off to college and that they can start or join a One Love club on their respective campuses.

HS Social Issues Awareness Club Speaker: Kevin Hines

This grant will fund a speaking engagement with Kevin Hines at Bronxville High School.  Members of Bronxville High School’s Social Issues Awareness Club were inspired to apply for this grant when they learned about Kevin Hines’ story in a video on Youtube.  In 2000, Kevin Hines tried to take his own life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge.  He survived thankfully, and since his recovery, he has dedicated his life to promoting mental health awareness and talking about his personal journey. The club hopes that Kevin’s inspiring messages about mental health will have a positive impact on our student body and help them to think about mental wellness in a new, healthier way.

Wise Corner Mindfulness Pilot for Fourth Grade & Resource Room Classrooms

As part of the CARE wellness program in the Elementary School, this grant will provide materials for mindfulness, emotional regulation, and distress tolerance as a pilot in fourth grade and resource room classrooms.


$366,000 total grants



TV Studio Technical Training

This grant will provide technical support to faculty and students for use of the TV studio.

Fifth Grade Video Creation: Navigating Social Media

Fifth graders will critically analyze social media content and identify its impact on school age users. Working with educator and filmmaker Mike Feurstein, students will write, direct, and act in Critical Media PSA’s that specifically address the potential negative social and emotional influence of online use, and will demonstrate practical strategies to counter that influence.

Middle School Video Creation: Healthy Eating Initiative

This grant was awarded to the Middle School Government for their request to create videos that will educate, inform and inspire healthy and nutritious food choices for their peers.

High School Mandarin Courses

This grant is Phase 2 of the 2018 Mandarin language pilot course. This year the high school will be offering Mandarin I & I, taught by the Orange-Ulster BOCES Mandarin Chinese Department, which includes 7 teachers and a supervisor, Diane Lang, Ph.D.  The students meet in school as a class and the instructor will video conference in to the class. The class will be supported by a staff member in Bronxville who will provide onsite classroom coordination. In addition to teleconferencing the Mandarin teachers also interact with students and parents via telephone and email and the teachers typically make at least one site visit to the school per year.

International Thespian Society for High School

This grant allows for the creation of a Bronxville troupe of the International Thespian Society in order to support the performing arts department. The troupe offers our young thespians additional exposure to the arts as well as opportunities to perform.

National Orchestra Festival for High School Music Students

This grant enables high school students to attend the  National Orchestra Festival. The National Orchestra Festival provides students with the opportunity to interact with other students from across the country, receive written and recorded feedback from nationally-recognized experts, and participate in a clinic with noted college professors.

"Winning Mindset" Training for Athletes

The grant funds workshops for the students on the high school athletic teams. The  Winning Mindset curriculum focuses on helping athletes achieve better results through focusing on mindset training in addition to athletic training. A main tenet is focusing on what is in your control: attitude, effort and aggressiveness. In this society with so much focus on awards and winning records, this brings the athlete back to focus on things that he/she can control.

Technological Education Conferences

The grant funds faculty attendance at  two conferences, FETC and CUE. The conferences are  the largest national conference for technology in education.Attendance enables the faculty to collaborate with educators from across the country while learning the latest in education and curriculum in the technology space.

Puppet Building Workshop for HIgh School Musical

This grant enables High School students to work with professional puppeteer, Fergus Walsh (http://www.fergusjwalsh.com)  to design and build the “Audrey 2,” the puppet which takes over the world! The high school will perform the musical, Little Shop of Horrors, using this puppet in all four of it's iterations.


Innovative Designs in Education: Classroom Redesign Phase II

Following a very successful initial cohort, this is grant funds phase II to recruit the next cohort of teachers to engage in professional development with Innovative Designs in Education to establish classroom environments that promote student ownership and executive functioning, including students’ ability to plan, manage time, problem solving, and self regulate. Professional development with IDE and pay for participating teachers is funded through the district. This grant provides a budget for participating teachers to redesign classrooms to match instructional goals associated with LATI-C (Learner Active, Technology Infused Classrooms).


Audio and Lighting Upgrades for Auditorium

This grant funds the purchase of general stage microphones to use during concerts, assemblies and recitals as well as some moving theatrical lights to use during stage productions. 

Inflatable Batting Cages and Hitting Turtle for Baseball Teams

This grant will allow our baseball program to maximize practice time and space by funding two 20 foot inflatable batting cages and one batting turtle. These cages are portable and may be moved from the gym to the turf and from the turf to Scout Field.

Improved Classroom Seating Configurations

This grant funds expanding the seating choices in the classroom with floor chairs/cushions for students to use for reading/studying/computer use. In addition, portable lap desks will allow flexibility for  students to use with the floor chairs. 

Acoustic Technology for World Language Classrooms

This grant funds the creation of language learning environments with optimal listening conditions via sound/microphone equipment for all seven World Language classrooms. Studies show that sound amplification has helped students hear better and most importantly truly listen, eliminate background noise in a classroom setting and provide more opportunity for successful (language) learning and better experience. 


Headsets for Second Grade Literature Program

This grant funds headphones to be used to record and share student work. This will include reading passages, written stories, and math explanations and rationales. The headphones will enable the students to listen to their peers' recordings and be able to give meaningful feedback. It will enhance the way students and teachers are able to use technology in our classrooms, making it more accessible and interactive for the students. These headphones are designed to minimize background noise and will enhance the quality of the recordings.  

iPads for Elementary Music Program

This grant funds the purchase of iPads for the Elementary Music Program.  Integrating technology into the Bronxville Elementary music program is the next step to helping our students to be creative thinkers while learning the fundamentals of music. Throughout an elementary music lesson, there are many opportunities in which incorporating technology through the use of iPad's can benefit a child's learning.  The iPads will increase student engagement through the use of fun and interactive music programs like Music First Junior, which gives students opportunities to engage in fun, creative games and songs that allows each of them to share and collaborate in the music making process. Other apps will give students the opportunity to practice note reading by placing the notes they hear and sing on the music staff by swiping it on the device. 

Elementary School Archeology Pit

This grant will fund the "Diplomatic Diggers" a two day workshop to support second graders in understanding the large spans of time where different life forms lived and how they have been preserved here on Earth. Second graders will also explore a variety of roles that professional diggers take on.This grant will also fund the development of an elementary excavation site to be preserved as an open play area where necessary tools and guiding materials will be made available for students to explore independently during recess and after-school.

iPads for K-12 Visual Arts Program

This grant funds iPads, iPad Pros and Apple pencils for various curriculum projects in the K-12 Visual Arts Program including digital drawing, animation and movie-making.

Materials for High School Robotics

This grant funds supplies to build a robot for our independent study in robotics. The robot will be used to compete in a competition run by FIRST Inspires, an organization that facilitates high school robotics programs.

Skeletons for High School Science Classes

This grant funds the purchase of materials for the evolution unit of Core Biology which will emphasize Cross Cutting concepts that all students can use throughout their STEAM coursework. This unit of study will involve examining and measuring similarities and differences in the skeletal components of representative forms of primates and hominids to better understand the process of evolution. It will also examine the different types of evidence used by biologists and paleontologists to build the current pathways that lead up to existing organisms. Students will examine evidence from comparative studies of anatomy, embryology, and biochemistry to trace the ancestral relationships of modern humans and the primates.

New Computers for APP Design in the High School

This grant funds newer, more powerful machines for students in the App Design course which follows an AP CSP (Computer Science Principles) curriculum as well as students doing an independent study in Swift Programming language and Xcode.  The new devices will allow students  to run a more powerful processor and the latest version of Xcode which supports AR.

Enhanced State-of-the-Art Football Helmets

Ths grant helps fund a one-time purchase of new football helmets for the school’s football program. The goal is to provide all our football players with helmets that have received a 5-star rating in the the Virginia Tech Study and are using newer technology than of our current helmets. The district is considering the VICIS helmet for varsity, the Schutt F7 helmet for JV and the Riddell Speed Flex Youth helmet for the modified program.

Design Thinking Materials for Second Grade

Second graders will engage in the design thinking process to research current indoor recess and free time activities to determine which activities are most engaging. Based on this research, our grant  will design activities and games that promote collaboration, innovation, critical thinking and persistence. This grant will fund the purchase of needed materials.


Middle School National Social Studies Conference

This grant funds  the Bronxville Middle School teachers attendance at the  National Conference on Social Studies.


Design Thinking on the High School Experience

This grant expands on a previously awarded grant and extends from design thinking around grades to design thinking for the ninth grade, as a first step in considering what might be possible for the high school experience to be more closely aligned to the Bronxville Promise. The goal is to think more broadly about a school design that allows us to fully realize the Bronxville Promise. It has implications for assessment, teaching and learning, and space. The design will potentially include interdisciplinary learning opportunities that will make excellent use of our facility upgrades, including the learning commons space.

Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning

This grant funds,  he EdChange Consulting Group under the leadership of Paul Gorski to help our school establish an equity vision and provide whole staff training in culturally responsive teaching. This grant also provides funding for three educators to attend a weeklong seminar at the National Museum of African American History and Culture on Teaching Race in the Classroom. In order to prepare our students to successfully engage in a global society consisting of citizens from a range of cultures, races, religions, and gender identities, we must first provide effective professional development for our educators in this area. The EdChange group is at the forefront of scholarship in the field of equity literacy and culturally responsive teaching and learning.


$660,000 total grants



Duo Jalal Musicians for HS Orchestra


An exceptionally talented local duo visits our HS Orchestra and Band students to provide a multi-cultural experience where the students can learn more about global music. Students learn to compose pieces themselves and have more exposure to musical conventions from multiple cultures.

Guidance Survey of HS Graduates

Life Track Services will conduct an online “Exit Survey” of our 2019 graduates three times:  before the end of the school year, survey them again within 18 months of graduation, and conduct a final survey five years after graduation. The feedback given in regards to student preparedness for college will assist in planning academics and counseling programs for our students. The results of the survey can illustrate how the Bronxville Promise has affected our graduates and if their growth in the dispositions equipped them to continue to develop in their post-Bronxville life.

HS Model UN Club Delegate Training

This grant funds the rapidly growing Model UN Club in the High School. The grant funded the MUN students to attend the “Best Delegate” conference in the summer of 2018 at Georgetown University. The grant was requested in order to prepare the Bronxville students to host its own conference for the first time.  The visit allowed MUN students to work with a well-known performance coach in order to improve their debating and presentation skills.

ES Awareness Book-of-the-Month Club


Each month Elementary School teachers will read and discuss a carefully selected book that focuses on leadership across cultures to broaden students’ understanding and appreciation of people from various ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural backgrounds. This grant also includes a creation of a Teacher-Parent Resource Page per book that will contain guiding questions, background information, and related video/media connections.  Finally, professional development with a well-established consulting group, Border Crossers, will facilitate discussions around potentially sensitive topics: dealing with race, religion, and ethnicity.

Mandarin Class for HS

This grant allows us to pilot a high school elective foreign language course in Mandarin taught by a faculty member from the Orange-Ulster BOCES Mandarin Chinese Department, which includes 7 teachers and a supervisor, Diane Lang, Ph.D.  The students meet in school as a class and the instructor will video conference in to the class. The class will be supported by a staff member in Bronxville who will sit in the class and coordinate materials. Mandarin teachers also interact with students and parents via telephone and email; the teachers typically make at least one site visit to the school per year.  

Dance Workshops for MS/HS Musical Students


This grant funded a series of dance workshops to better prepare the Middle & High School Students for the rigorous dance routines choreographed for the Spring Musical Guys & Dolls.

NY Historical Society Educator for MS

This grant funded a New-York Historical Society Educator  to work with 7th grade students to examine, analyze, and discuss replicas of artifacts, works of art, maps, and primary documents to gain a better understanding of the Underground Railroad.

“How to Unmake a Bully” PSA Videos for ES

This grant funded participation by the Bronxville Elementary 4th grade students in a highly regarded residency which gives students a voice in how to best stand up to bullying behaviors through the art of filmmaking. Students work with filmmaker Mike Feurstein over the course of three days brainstorming ideas about how to combat bullying, then learn filmmaking techniques to create an anti-bullying public service announcement. Each 4th grade class will produce 3-4 anti-bullying PSA’s that will become part of a video library, Don' t Wait Project/How to Unmake a Bully.

ES Mindfulness Program


As a part of the schools overall social-emotional learning curriculum, Elementary School students receive weekly classes introducing them to yoga and mindfulness practices, based on the curriculum of the School Yoga Project (SYP), a program of Little Flower Yoga. The learning of life skills is emphasized, including emotional regulation and resilience, increases attention, improves physical wellness, and respectful community building.

Performance Coach for HS Social Studies

This grant funded 9th and 10th grade students work with Performance Coach, Karen DeMauro, in connection with National History Day curriculum.

HS Student Help Desk Presentation at NY State Curriculum for Advanced Technological Education Conference*

The Bronxville High School Student Help Desk was created and launched in 2015 with much success and now serves as a model to other Districts around the region and state. This grant gives students the opportunity to present “live” on a bigger stage during the NYSCATE (New York State Association for Computers and Technologies in Education) Conference and pays for the cost of the students travel, room and board at the conference.

HS Global Student Leadership Institute

In the summer of 2019, the BSF will support the Bronxville High School in sponsoring three juniors to attend the SGLI at the Punahou School in Honolulu to attend the two week intensive session with approximately 70 other students representing over 20 schools and 10 countries. They will collaborate on examining global issues, formulate solutions, engage the world and develop as leaders.  The accompanying Bronxville faculty member will not only support the students in their work at the summer institute but also participate in a series of professional development opportunities with other teachers from around the world. After the students complete the summer institute they will work with a faculty member through Bronxville’s independent study program, and develop a project connected to SGLI’s yearly theme.  The students will have an opportunity to connect with peers online to further develop their work and connect it to a larger global effort of change.


TV Studio

This grant enabled A state-of-the-art TV studio to be installed for students to learn how to create and produce TV shows.  The professional-quality TV studio is equipped with three cameras, LED lighting, teleprompters, an anchor desk, playback monitor, green screen and a control room. The initial curriculum is for High School students but it is envisioned that eventually, all students will be able to work in and benefit from the studio.

Indoor Climbing Wall for ES

This grant funded a transverse climbing wall, installed in the Elementary School West Playroom, which is an age-appropriate wall for grades K-5.  It consists of a variety of different holds, obstacles, and hurdles to engage climbers in a variety of fun and challenging cross-curricular activities.

Band Room Renovation

This grant improved the rehearsal area for the school’s growing band program by creating three small group/independent rehearsal spaces from what was an ad hoc storage area, renovated the main band room, allowing for better sound and a cleaner work/playing environment for students, and updated an adjacent storage area.  As a result, all three areas are much improved for practice and specific function during performances and productions.

Innovative Designs in Education: Classroom Redesign K-12

This grant partnered with IDE (Innovative Designs in Education) to redesign classrooms and strengthen instructional practice that supports our students’ ability to take ownership of their own work and develop executive functioning skills. A cohort of teachers, who have participated in professional development sessions with IDE, received a budget to design classrooms with furniture and/or technology to create innovative learning environments where instruction scaffolds towards student ownership. This is the next step from a previous Foundation grant where teachers worked with the Buck Institute for Education to develop Project Based Learning units.

Adaptive Seating for Third Grade

The 3rd grade classes received a variety of adaptive seating choices in order to improve student on-task engagement and productivity.  For some students, adaptive seating has helped to increase writing stamina. Fidgeting helps some students concentrate, which will increase academic success.

Up Stage Traveler Curtain for Auditorium

This grant funded a  mid-stage traveler curtain, which allows the school to set-up scenery behind the curtain, petition off half the space for solo recitals, assemblies, increasing the overall functionality of the stage.

Flexible Furniture for MS/HS Resource Rooms

Through a previous Foundation grant with consultant Fielding Nair, special education teachers researched best practices for classroom setups. While there are many examples of general education settings that have been transformed in innovative ways to allow for more active student collaboration, there are fewer examples of special education classrooms that have embarked on such transformations.  Bronxville hopes to take the lead in this area. The grant would fund the purchase of new, innovative furniture for the Resource Rooms (grades 6 - 12). This furniture will provide for different types of seating based on student personal preference as well as task demands (ie. collaborative work). The new furniture will make the rooms completely modernized and more responsive to individual students’ needs.

MS Flexible Furniture

This grant funds a pilot project  for new cooperative and flexible seating within one of the Middle School English classrooms. This new furniture promotes independence in Project Based Learning (PBL) and other student centered learning experiences.


Math Craft iPads for MS*

Math Craft is a brand new student-centered course designed to explore the relationship between math, the arts, and technology. This new sixth grade exploratory class gives students a new experience with mathematics.  By designing, analyzing, manipulating, calculating, scaling, and thinking critically, students will apply their knowledge of math to discover innovative ideas and projects. With the iPads, students are able to make interactive, digital portfolios to interact with one another and a greater audience.

TI-Nspire Calculators for MS*

This grant from Middle School math teachers purchased 110 (enough for the entire grade) TI-Nspire graphing calculators for use in the eighth grade which research has shown to accelerate the understanding of complex mathematical and scientific concepts.

Guided Reading Sets for 1st and 2nd Grades

This grant funded the Flying Start to Literacy program which are books that will be used both in the classroom and at home.  These readers allow students to build fluency through increased opportunities for repeated reading in the classroom and at home.

Science Microscopes for ES*

This grant funded 24 microscopes that allow the students to view specimens with greater magnification during lab observations.  

Science Vernier, Arduino and Conductivity Probes for HS*

These grants funded equipment used in the HS science classrooms to enhance student experience as the equipment allows for the collection and analysis of new and different data.

Virtual Reality Headsets for HS*

This grant provides three virtual reality headsets for students to experience virtual tours for over 600 colleges and universities, providing another useful tool for students to make more informed decisions in a less stressful environment.

Materials for HS "Intro to Physical Computing"

This grant funded the purchase of materials for a new HS course, “Introduction to Physical Computing”.  These materials purchased will be used to engage students while learning concepts of how to digitally program on the screen and interact with it in real life.

Drones for Programming Club for HS*

This grant funded the purchase of four mini drones used by the programming club as tools to engage others by reaching out and finding projects through which they can grow interest with their drone skills but also working with others to assist in needs, possibly solved with the use of a drone.

Digital Library for MS/HS Special Education

This grant funded digital resources including Ebooks & Audiobooks to create a digital library for our 5th Grade, MS & HS Special Education students.

MVP Remote Control Tackle Dummies for Football Program

In an effort to teach safe tackling techniques to our students and advance the coaches ability to teach the game, the The Bronxville Football program requested a grant to fund The Mobile Virtual Player (MVP); it is a state-of-art teaching tool used at all levels of play including, youth, high school, college and professional football.


College Admission Counseling Conference

This grant funded a guidance officer to attend the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) annual conference in which college admissions officers from around the world and school counselors gather to network and to discuss best practices, trends in college admissions, and much more.

ES Scratch Conference at MIT*

This grant funded to district technology staff to attend a conference of educators, researchers, developers, and other members of the worldwide Scratch community. The conference provided lots of hands-on workshops and opportunities for peer-to-peer discussion and collaboration in Scratch.

Conferences to Support K-12 Technology Initiatives *

This grant supported the attendance of the District technology team at the annual Computer Science Teachers Association Conference and Future of Education Technology Conference.

HS National Social Studies Conference

The grants provided funds for members of our High School Social Studies team to attend the National Social Studies Conference.

Student Wellness Curriculum for MS/HS

This grant provided funds to continue work with Rachel Simmons to give workshops with small groups of juniors regarding college admissions and “effortless perfectionism” and to MS students regarding overthinking and social media.

South By Southwest Education Conference * K-12

This grant funded District Technology faculty to attend the annual SXSW EDU, a national conference, for educators, that focuses on innovation, collaboration and creativity.

Design Thinking Workshop Focused on Grading Policies MS/HS

As an offshoot of both the Harvard “Design Thinking Workshops” grant from 2017  and Challenge Success survey, this grant funded workshops for district faculty to work with a global consultancy firm to change the way we think, learn and work in terms of grades and evaluation.

INFOSYS Pathfinders Summer Institute*

This grant partially funded district technology staff who applied for and were selected to attend the Infosys Pathfinders Program.  This program allowed district staff to continue the scope and sequence of the existing K-12 Technology and Computer Science curriculums.

"Big Nerd Ranch" Conference to Support HS AP Application Design Class

This grant funded professional development for a HS technology teacher to help students develop professional looking apps so they may showcase their skills, engage with their world and solve problems with apps they develop.

"Next Practices" for Policy Board K-12

This grant funded professional development for the policy board to provide transformational learning that generates new knowledge, new ways of thinking, and rapid adjustment to complexity.  Training will help transition educators who are adept at incorporating “best practices,” to educators who are adept at designing and implementing “next practices.”

* Indicates a STEM-related grant


$655,000 total grants



ES "BronCodes" Coding Program Support Specialist*

During the 2016-17 school year, a coding curriculum was piloted in the 3rd grade. That summer, the Technology Department wrote a K-5 coding curriculum using code.org, CSTA & ISTE materials and standards. The Department requested Foundation funds for a coding program support specialist who could help roll out the curriculum in the 2017-18 school year in all Elementary school grades. Without this support, implementation of the curriculum would have taken years longer.

K-12 iSTEAM Advisory Committee Formation and Implementation*

The Technology Department and the Director of Curriculum requested a Foundation grant to form an Advisory Committee with teachers from K-12 interested in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math). The Committee is tasked with identifying gaps and opportunities in the District STEAM curriculum, identifying professional development needs, helping better integrate math, science and visual arts and developing buy-in across the faculty for engaging in the STEAM curriculum.

K-12 Coding & Computer Science Curricula Supporting Materials*

This grant requested a wide array of materials and tools to support the variety of technology curricula and offerings in grades K through 12.

I2Learn for ES/MS*

This grant implemented the third phase of the i2Learn project. This year, the Foundation funded week-long STEM immersion projects for 6th graders to Build a Lunar Colony, for 5th graders to Build a Friendly Monster and for 4th graders to Explore Ecological Systems. During the i2 Learn weeks, students collaborate with their teachers and classmates to problem-solve, build, test and revise projects to solve a series of interdisciplinary challenges.

HS TED-Ed Channel

This grant established a TED-Ed Channel for Bronxville students to develop TED talks connected to courses of study in which they are particularly interested. TED stands for Technology, Education and Design. The talks will be hosted on the high school TED channel. Students will also participate in a special TED-Ed curriculum that will help them create presentations based on real TED guidelines.

"Embedding Local History": ES Partnership with Bronxville Historical Conservancy

This grant funded a collaboration between the school and the Bronxville Historical Conservancy. Teachers and students will work with local historians to enhance curriculum using Project-based Learning experiences and embedding local history into their projects.  

Composition Training for the HS Orchestra with PUBLIQuartet

The PUBLIQuartet is a professional string quartet that champions the work of new composers and creates novel interpretations of repertoire standards. This grant gave Bronxville high school orchestra students the opportunity to work with the quartet. The quartet gives a recital for the students, plays the students’ draft compositions and then meet with the students in small groups to provide coaching to further enhance the students' work. Quartet members will also engage the students in dialogue about the nature of musical creativity, strategies for developing musical ideas, musical rhetoric, and the use of constraints to foster creativity.

HS Playwrights in Performance

High School English teacher, Franco D’Alessandro, requested funding to create an Independent Study in Playwriting for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors. Students write and develo original one-act plays or scenes for a larger play over the course of the first three marking periods. The students then cast, rehearse, and revise in the fourth marking period, and ultimately perform their works on stage for the BHS community. By funding this for a second year, the Foundation has helped the program grow into a full-fledged independent study class from an after-school activity.

HS Group Voice and Master Classes for "Broadway Singing"

High School Chorus Teacher Pam Simpson received a grant for specialized vocal training for HS chorus students. The grant was provided from a special fund designated for the performing arts and managed by the Foundation. 

Movie-Making with Jacob Burns in ES

For the grant request, Director of Technology Jen Forsberg worked with Elementary School Language Arts teachers to help bring technology tools to elementary students to help with storytelling. The Jacob Burns Film Center provided professional development and coaching for 2nd, 3rd and 4th  grade teachers to help students create digital stories and short films using iMovie. Students and teachers learned how to create storyboards and how film creation can be integrated into the curriculum.


ES Lego WeDo Coding Set and Curriculum*

This grant purchased Lego WeDo sets for the 2nd grade. The sets and associated curriculum allow students to be innovative and learn about engineering, as well as life, physical, earth and space sciences. Students work together to build machines with Lego bricks, and write code on an iPad to make the machine move and perform tasks.

Wireless Temperature Probes for MS

This grant request from the Middle School science teachers purchased two complete sets of wireless temperature probes for use in scientific experiments. The previously-used wired probes had sustained damage due to fire and rust and were insufficient for the number of students using them.

Sound Field System for ES Science and 5th Grade

The first grant for a classroom amplification system was written by third grade teacher Pam Kolhoff working with a parent in 2015. They had extensive research about the poor acoustics in typical classrooms and the many behavioral and academic benefits resulting from enhancing classroom sound.  After learning about the benefits for students and teachers several additional grades have requested funds to introduce the systems into their classrooms. Children even in the back of the room are better able to hear the teacher so that every seat in the room is like a front row seat. The system comes with student mics as well and teachers found students more eager to speak out using the mics and their classmates better able to listen and less likely to interrupt. 

ES/MS Tower Garden

This grant allowed the Elementary Science teachers to a Tower Garden system for each of the science labs.The Tower Garden uses a state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic growing system that recycles nutrients and water, using less than 10% of the water of a traditional garden. The Tower Garden will allow the teachers to develop hands on scientific inquiries that will address many of the learning standards in the science curriculum

HS Engineering STEAM Course Materials & Equipment*

In 2014, the Foundation gave a grant to the High School Physics teacher to create an Advanced Engineering curriculum. This grant will serve to purchase several pieces of capital equipment - a laser cutter and 3D printer - along with some necessary consumables so that Advanced Engineering students can create realistic prototypes of product ideas. These rapid-prototyping tools will provide students with an introduction to computer-controlled manufacturing - allowing students to realize their designs using low-resolution materials but using a high quality process. The ability to fabricate original designs in-house and to high-precision is vital for rapid feedback and learning, and thus real engagement in a solutions-driven design problem.

ES Imagination Playground Phase II

The Elementary School purchased a set of Imagination Playground blocks in 2015 for outdoor recess use for Grades 1-5. The blocks are over-sized and come in a variety of shapes that encourage innovative design, problem solving and teamwork. This grant requested another set of blocks for indoor recess use.

Autoclave for Biological Research in the HS

This grant request was written by four high school students involved in the Bronx River Science Research course that was first developed with a Foundation grant in 2015. These funds purchased an autoclave used to sterilize water for experiments and to sterilize biohazardous waste from bacteria studies of the river. Students were using Sarah Lawrence College for sterilizing, but the research program at Bronxville has grown so large, that using Sarah Lawrence facilities was no longer an option. The autoclave was funded out of a specially designated fund for science managed by the Foundation.


Makerspace Planning & Professional Development*

The Foundation funded a Makerspace renovation and materials for the Elementary School library in 2016. A makerspace is a place in which people with shared interests, especially in computing or technology, can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. In order for the Elementary teachers and the librarian to use the space to its fullest potential with the new Elementary coding curriculum, the Technology Department requested funds to have Laura Fleming, a well-known pioneer in educational makerspaces, consult to the school.

Conferences to Support Coding, Robotics & Computer Science K-12 Curriculum*

This grant funded District Technology staff to attend the annual Annual Computer Science Teachers Association Conference (CSTA) and the SXSW EDU Conference. Attendance at these conferences in the previous year resulted in the development of the Elementary School coding curriculum.

Design Thinking Series at Harvard University for K-12 iSteam Committee*

This grant funded attendance for ten K-12 iSTEAM Advisory Committee members to attend a Harvard University Design Thinking Workshop.  Design thinking evolved from the fields of architecture and product innovation and entails using right-brained creativity and left-brained analytics to innovate and plan. Bronxville Administrators are using the principles in curriculum design and teachers are using it in lesson planning and modeling its use for students.


Project-Based Learning Continued K-12 Professional Development

The Foundation originally funded training for select faculty in Project-based Learning (PBL) in 2015. Teachers attended the Buck Institute, one of the premier conferences in the field of education on this topic. This year-two grant provided additional coaching for faculty already trained in PBL 101 and specialized training for members of the STEM faculty to take PBL 202 training to help them better integrate technology into student projects and promote innovation in the classroom.

HS English Socratic Seminar Training

The Foundation originally funded professional development in teaching a Socratic Seminar in 2015. The goal of a Socratic seminar is for students to facilitate discussion on specific texts to help one another understand the ideas, issues, and values reflected therein. This grant provided for additional coaching in the technique for High School English teachers.

Bronxville Promise Assessment Framework Focused on Innovation (K-12)

Bronxville School unveiled the Bronxville Promise in 2014 committing the school to helping students lead, think critically, innovate and engage the world around them. Faculty across all grade levels and disciplines rethought curriculum and instruction so they can embed learning opportunities that will ensure their students develop in these four dispositions. With a 2016 grant, the District engaged a consultant to help create an assessment framework to provide feedback on how well the District was delivering on the promise to create engaged students. This year’s grant will develop a framework for assessing students’ ability to innovate.

Teachers College Argumentation Institute for MS/HS

In 2015, the Foundation funded the Middle School to implement a premier reading and writing program developed by Columbia Teachers College. This grant sent ten Middle and High School faculty to a special institute at Teachers College to help them learn to teach students how to improve their spoken and written argumentation skills.

Dialectical Behavior Training for K-12 Psychologists and Guidance Counselors

This grant funded members of the Psychology and Guidance teams to receive training in how to implement certain cognitive behavior strategies to support their students. The grant was made out of a fund designated for Special Ed and managed by the Foundation.

AP Computer Science Principles Professional Development for HS

This grant funded Technology Department staff to attend several conferences on Computer Science Principles (CSP), an up and coming AP course that is more portfolio based rather than learning one language.  The portfolio approach is focused on making connections to the real world and using any “language” to solve real world problems.

Teaching with Technology Training for MS/HS Teachers

This grant provided professional development and coaching for ten teacher leaders around digital assessments, collaboration and project based approaches in 21st century classrooms with a focus on 1:1 classrooms (a 1:1 classroom is one where each student has a computing device).  A second cohort of teacher will work toward their Google Level 1 Teacher Certification.


HS Art Room Renovation (C316)

High School Principal Ann Meyer and Art Teacher Courtney Alan worked with Fielding Nair International, a premier school architecture firm to design and renovate the High School art room to allow for better light, room for larger projects, more flexible and appropriate storage, additional drying and display space, appropriate ventilation and display technology.

Auditorium Lighting Enhancements

This grant provided for special lighting and technical enhancements to the auditorium. The grant was funded out of a specially designated fund for the arts managed by the Foundation.

Adaptive Classroom Seating

In 2016, the Foundation provided grant funding to for the Elementary School to test some alternative seating to help high-energy kids sit and focus longer. The pilot was successful, helping keep students on task longer and more productively. This year both the third and fifth grades requested funds to purchase the alternative seating for their classrooms.

5th-Grade Library Augmentation

The 5th grade teaching team requested a grant to build a library of leveled books for instruction in different genres. They added nonfiction, historical fiction, fiction, and some mentor text titles to help provide a variety of titles at specific reading levels for students. The book titles correspond to the 5th grade Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Program units.

HS Flexible Socratic Collaborative Workspace

This grant funded new flexible, durable, folding and stackable furniture for room A310 to help facilitate “Harkness” style set up for Socratic Seminars, allow for performance space and a variety of collaborative furniture arrangements.

Singapore Math Manipulatives for 5th Grade

The Foundation has funded the implementation of the Singapore Math curriculum in the Elementary School starting with Kindergarten in 2012. Professional development for faculty as well as special materials were funded each year culminating in this year’s funding of training and manipulatives for the 5th grade.


Challenge Success Program for MS/HS

Challenge Success is a program out of Stanford University that seeks to understand and suggest solutions for student stress and overwork. The Foundation funded the Middle and High Schools to participate in the Challenge Success program in 2016 and this grant funded administrators, teachers, students and parents to attend a conference to further discuss the results of Bronxville’s survey concerning student wellness.

Girls Leadership Institute Programming for MS and HS

Director of Curriculum, Mara Koetke, requested funds to bring The Girls Leadership Institute to Bronxville to provide learning opportunities for our girls, along with their primary influencers, parents, to develop the self awareness and self advocacy skills necessary for leadership.  Schools that have partnered with Girls Leadership previously include Brearley, Spence, Dalton, Ursuline and the Pelham and Mamaroneck School Districts.  

Schoolwide Mindfulness Fellowship

High School teacher Bill Meyer first requested a grant to learn about mindfulness techniques in schools in 2013. Additional grants funded mindfulness in the Middle and Elementary schools in 2015. The Mindfulness Fellowship request from Mr. Meyer will bring together a group of teachers in K-12 as Mindfulness Fellows to create a K-12 mindfulness curriculum and teach other faculty how to incorporate the techniques into all classes and into the culture of the Bronxville School.

* Indicates a STEM-related grant


$776,000 total grants


i2 Learning STEM Immersion for ES/MS

i2 Learn works with the most well-know science curriculum partners (MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Woods Hole, etc) to produce curricula, materials and professional development for teachers so that schools can create week-long, month-long or summer STEM immersion projects for their students. Bronxville partnered with i2 Learn for the 2015-16 school year to provide a week-long STEM project for Middle Schoolers. In subsequent years, the 5th grade class started i2 Learn weeks.

Challenge Success Student Engagement Project for MS/HS

Challenge Success is a project out of Stanford University producing research and programming around the stresses today’s Middle and High School students deal with.  This grant allowed Bronxville’s Middle and High Schoolers to participate in the Challenge Success student survey and receive comparison data for other similarly high-performing school districts across the country. Subsequent Foundation support helped a group of principals, teachers, parents and students from Bronxville to attend a Challenge Success conference to further discuss Bronxville results and share emerging best practice in helping reduce student stress.

Social Studies Classroom Library for ES

Funds from this grant allowed the 2nd grade to expand and update their classroom libraries in response to shifts in instructional practices based on the Common Core standards for Social Studies. The new libraries contained books at a variety of reading levels and were more connected to the specific 2nd grade social studies contents

Mindfulness and Yoga for ES

Elementary school psychologist, Minu Thomas wrote this grant to bring the work of Little Flowers Yoga into the Elementary School. Little Flowers is a NYC-based organization that brings the tools of yoga and mindfulness into schools. Little Flowers worked directly with Elementary students and also provided professional development to Elementary teachers so they could continue bringing mindfulness techniques to their students.

Singapore Math Manipulatives for ES

The Foundation underwrote materials and professional development for the Elementary School to adopt Singapore Math in grades K-5. Starting in 2012 in Kindergarten, a new grade level was funded each year. This year’s grant brought the curriculum to the fourth grade.

Play Group Theater Artists-in-Residence for ES

Play Group Theater uses theater arts to teach Common Core literacy requirements in a fun and engaging way. In 2014, Play Group worked with 1st, 4th and 5th graders and provided professional development to teachers in those grades to help sustain the innovative teaching methods. This year, 1st grade teachers requested additional help from Play Group to strengthen their work with 1st grade student.

Playwrights in Performance Course for HS

High School English teacher, Franco D’Alessandro, requested funding to create an activity open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors  who were interested in writing one-act play and casting and performing them for the Bronxville community. The activity proved so successful, that D’Alessandro requested a grant the following year to develop the activity into a full-fledged independent research class for credit.

Poetry Coffee House for HS

High School English teacher, Dr. Victor Maxwell, sought funds to organize an activity in which his English students and others would work on  poetry during the year and then several would be chosen to share their work in a coffee house format open to Bronxville students and parents.

Movie Making with Jacob Burns for ES

Director of Technology Jen Forsberg worked with teachers in grades K, 1 and 5 to write this grant to bring the Jacob Burns Center movie making curriculum to their students. Digital movie making is one more way for students to tell stories and this curriculum allowed them the tools to access that.

Lego Classroom Sets for ES

This grant, written by the 1st grade teachers, was for individual Lego Build to Express kits for each student and for professional development for teachers to learn how to help students use the kits to experience a variety of lessons in a more hands on manner.

Flashmaster Math Devices for ES

This grant purchased 48 Flash Master devices for use in the 3rd and 4th grades to help ensure that every student could achieve automaticity in basic math facts. If students do not become proficient with basic facts at this level, they struggle with math later on.

Leveled Library Intervention for ES Special Ed

This grant provided a library of special reading materials at different reading levels for the Special Ed reading specialist.

Author Visit Writer’s Workshop for ES/MS

High School Social Studies teacher, Bill Meyer, wrote this grant to work with Elementary and Middle school students using the historical fiction book he’d written, “Horace and the Time Keepers.”

Entrepreneur/Tech Incubator Club for HS

Three high school students wrote this grant for funds to start a club where students came with ideas for products and inventions and could receive small grants for materials.

National History Day Coaching for HS

Bronxville High School 9th and 10th grade social studies students participate in National History Day each year. National History Day challenges students to research and create an in-depth project around a common theme. This grant allowed for a consultant to come in and work with students on presentation skills.


MakerSpace ES Library

This grant written by Elementary Principal Trish Murray and Director of Technology Jen Forsberg provided funds for furniture, renovation, technology and supplies for a MakerSpace in the Elementary library.

Alternative Classroom Seating Options Pilot for ES

This grant request came from Elementary Principal Trish Murray and Elementary Psychologist Minu Thomas to pilot a variety of seating options that would allow more movement than traditional desks for children with focus issues. Research has shown that seating options and other fidgeting objects that allow children some movement help improve learning and behavior.

Art Room Re-Design

This grant provided funds for High School Art Teacher Courtney Alan and High School Principal Ann Meyer to work with noted school architects, Fielding Nair International, to create design options for the High School Art room that would allow more flexibility, more wall space, more light and better storage.

Architects’ Assessment & Design for new HS Innovative Spaces

Noted school architects, Fielding Nair International, worked with High School staff, students and parents to complete a study and recommendations for creating more innovative classroom spaces with technology and flexible layouts that would support a larger variety of teaching and learning methods than traditional classrooms.

Innovative Science and Math Classrooms for HS

This request from High School Principal Ann Meyer, asked for furniture and technology to help make several science and math classrooms better suited to the more varied teaching and learning methods increasingly used in the high school.

Special Ed Learning Studio Renovation

This grant provided for Special Ed faculty and students to participate in a design process with noted school architects Fielding Nair International to create new designs for the Special Ed classrooms.

School Energy Audit with Student Input

High School Principal Ann Meyer and Board of Ed member Adele Murray requested these funds to engage an energy consultant to work with High School science and math students to assess the school’s energy use and make recommendations to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


Mac Book Lab for Teacher Training, Theater Tech and Student Help Desk

This project came from Brad Ashley to support the varied technology roles he plays at the school - K-12 Technology Specialist, Computer Science teacher and Technical Director for the Auditorium. The lab was used to work with students on individual projects, to train teachers,  to work with students staffing the District’s technology help desk and to train students working on sound and lighting for the Auditorium.

iPads and Professional Development for ES

This request came from the 5th grade teachers to purchase iPads and receive training on how to use them. Student would use the iPads to create digital media presentations, practice coding, learn oral presentation skills, listen to audio books, and learn foreign languages.

Chromebooks and Document Cameras for MS Special Ed

This grant provided for special technology for use in the Middle School special ed classrooms.

Classroom Sound Amplification System for ES

After a successful pilot in third grade classrooms during the 2015-16 school year, the second grade teachers requested funds to purchase sound enhancement systems for their classrooms. Last year’s grant request included compelling qualitative research about the academic and behavioral benefits to students being able to hear better in class. Teachers also cited far less vocal strain when using the devices.

Presentation AV Equipment for Cafeteria

High School Guidance Anne Abbatecola requested presentation equipment for use in the Cafeteria so that that large space could be used for meetings and presentations when the auditorium was in use.

Film Equipment for HS

This grant from High School teachers Chris Doyle and Beth Agarabi requested additional equipment for use in film making for Humanities classes and for use with Bronco TV and film production classes.

TI-Nspire Calculator System for HS

This grant from High School math teachers Justin O’Brien and Dr. Michelle Merriweather purchased a classroom set of TI-Inspire graphing calculators which research has shown to accelerate the understanding of complex mathematical and scientific concepts. The grant also provided for professional development for the teachers.


Columbia Teachers College Writing/Reading Program for ES/MS

Professional development in the Columbia Teachers College Writing and Reading program started in the Middle School in that 2015-16 school year. This grant continued work in the Middle School and started training for teachers in the Elementary School in this premier writing and reading program. It is helping give teachers and students across grades a standard framework and shared language for teaching and learning how to write across a variety of genres.

Project-Based Learning Strategies for ES/MS/HS

This grant continued and deepened the PBL professional development started in the 2015-16 school year. Faculty that had taken PBL 101, were eligible for the next level of training at the Buck Institute and a PBL trainer came on-site to work with teachers in their classrooms.  Project based learning created longer, inquiry-based lessons for students using real world problems and challenges.

Socratic Seminar Teaching Strategies for ES/MS

Socratic seminar training started in the 2015-16 school year. This grant funded a second year of training by a consultant working with teachers to show them how to facilitate seminar classes similar to Harkness-style discussions.

Inquiry-based Learning for Innovation Classrooms

This grant funded Chris Hazleton, an educational consultant from Fielding Nair to work with 35 teachers on inquiry-based learning. This training helped faculty take full advantage of the redesigned High School “innovation classrooms” designed with a flexible layout and furniture and presentation technology.

Teaching with Technology for ES/MS

This grant request from Director of Technology Jen Forsberg provided for professional development for 12 teacher leaders in grades 5 to 8 around digital assessments, collaboration and project based approaches in 21st century classrooms.  

Bronxville Promise Assessment Framework

The District makes the Bronxvile Promise to students to help educate the whole student to hone skills in leadership, innovation, communication and engaged citizenship. Director of Curriculum Mara Koetke requested this grant for a group of teachers to work with a consultant to start to develop assessment frameworks around each of the four dispositions of the Promise. This grant was to work on assessing engaged citizenship.

Computer Science Conference

This grant supported the attendance of the District technology team at the annual Computer Science Teachers Association conference.

Classical Studies Conference

Foundation resources allowed one of our Latin teachers to attend a six-week intensive program to experience ancient Greek and Roman archeological sites


Cardio Center and Weight Room Renovation

This grant for $136,000 written by Brian Senior, Physical Education Department head, transformed an old weight room and wrestling room into updated cardio and weight rooms with new equipment for use for athletic teams and physical education classes.

Athletic Hydration System

This grant was written by a student athlete along with Athletic Director Karen Peterson to provide a sideline hydration system for various athletic teams. The system was more efficient and cleaner than previous systems.

Mountain Biking Team Equipment

This grant was written as the Mountain Biking team entered its fourth year at Bronxville and expected significant expansion. The grant funded equipment to help the team grow. Mountain Biking is one of the only coed, non-cut teams for High School students. Standard first aid equipment that was not in the Athletic Department’s budget was funded as well as retro-fitting a bike trailer to carry 8-10 bikes to help transport equipment to events.  


$526,000 total grants


Bronx River Research Curriculum & Equipment

This grant provided funding for HS science teacher, Justine McClellan, to develop an independent science research curriculum concerning the health of the Bronx River and to purchase specialized water testing equipment.

Imagination Playground

Imagination Playground blocks are giant, foam blocks in a variety of shapes that encourage children to use creativity and problem solving to build a variety of machines and structures. A parent working with the Elementary School recess committee discovered the blocks and brought them to the attention of the ES Assistant Principal and the two collaborated on this grant. The blocks proved a big hit and a useful tool as part of the ES STEM initiative.

Indoor Recess Activities for ES

This grant, written by the fifth grade class, provided games and materials for indoor recess for when weather precluded outdoor activities.

Pilot Mindfulness for ES Classrooms

Mindfulness activities are taking place in all three schools in Bronxville. The Foundation first made a grant to a high school teacher to train in mindfulness techniques and he has taught those techniques to his students and formed a meditation club. His students worked with fifth grade students, teaching them mindfulness as they transitioned to middle school.  This grant provided for an outside agency to come into the elementary school and provide mindfulness sessions to students and training for teachers in the techniques.

Singapore Math Manipulatives

The Foundation is helping the District roll out Singapore Math in the Elementary School one grade-level at a time.  The grant provides for professional development for teachers as well as special Singapore Math teaching materials for the third grade.

STEM in the Gym

This collaboration between Elementary PE and Elementary Science teachers provided special phys ed “simple machines” equipment like pulleys, to help students experience the mechanical advantage of each simple machine while learning STEM concepts about force, load, work, and more.

Yamaha Keyboard for Auditorium

Provided a quality Yamaha keyboard for the new auditorium that could be used off the stage.

Common Core-Aligned Grade Level Reading

This grant provided reading material specifically aligned to the newly adopted Common Core standards.  The standards require significant non-fiction reading.

Libraries for Kindergarten through Fourth Grade

These grants replaced outdated and sparse classroom library resources in elementary school classrooms.


MS Computer Lab Re-design and Technology

This grant provided for the redesign, renovation and furnishing of the middle school computer lab to create a flexible, tech-enhanced space with appropriate hardware, software and equipment for computer science, robotics and maker projects.

Innovative Fellows HS Classroom Redesign

In 2014, the Foundation funded a group of high school teachers as “Innovation Fellows” who worked during the 2013-14 school year studying educational and pedagogical innovations.  The Fellows’ study led to the importance of flexible classroom design to support new modes of teaching and learning as opposed to more traditional lecture methods. This grant provided for redesign of three classrooms by Fielding Nair Inc, a leading architect in innovative school design, as well as renovation and furnishing costs and funds to expand the group of Innovation Fellows and to train faculty in use of the new classrooms.


Humanities Research for 21st Century Learners

This grant funded a consultant to work with the newly created middle and high school Humanities Department to help develop a humanities research curriculum that would cut across the english, social studies and world language disciplines. Research units at each grade level were redesigned to reflect an inquiry based approach and focus on interdisciplinary connections.

Mindfulness in the Classroom – Conference & Training

Two middle school teachers attended a multi-day workshop to learn yoga and meditation techniques and ways to incorporate those into middle school classes.

Project-Based Learning Initiative

This grant provided funding for Project-Based Learning (PBL) coaches from the renowned Buck Institute to train Curriculum Leaders in the basics of PBL. PBL challenges students with real-world problems and encourages them to create and test solutions.

National Social Studies Conference

The grants provided funds for one of our High School Social Studies teachers to attend the National Social Studies Conference to better understand Common Core curriculum requirements.

Socratic Seminar Training

The Foundation funded Nancy Letts, a consultant, to work with selected teachers to instruct them on how to teach using the Socratic Seminar method. The goal of a Socratic seminar is for students to help one another understand the ideas, issues, and values reflected in a specific text. It is a version of close reading, suggested by Common Core Learning Standards.  Teachers observed the consultant leading a seminar, developed their own seminars with the consultant and then delivered and received coaching from the consultant and fellow teachers.  

Columbia Teachers College MS Writing Project

Director of Curriculum, Mara Koetke, wrote this grant with the Middle School faculty asked for assistance improving the Middle School writing curriculum. The Teachers College Writing program is widely recognized and provides a framework and shared language and standards for teaching and assessing writing across grade levels.


Tech Initiative: Chrome Books for Special Ed Staff

This grant, funded out of a specially designated fund for Special Ed managed by the Foundation, provided Chrome Books and a variety of other devices for use in Special Ed classrooms.

Computer Science Laptops for HS

High School math teacher, Justin O’Brien, requested a classroom set of laptops to be used for Computer Science classes.  The classes require the installation of specialized software and configuration and a dedicated set of laptops provided for more time-on-task in computer science courses.

Classroom Sound Enhancement System Pilot

Third grade teacher, Pam Kolhoff, requested funds to pilot a sound enhancement system for her classroom after a parent shared compelling research about poor acoustics in typical classrooms and the academic and behavioral benefits that result when all students can hear the teacher well. The system also reduces the need for teachers to raise their voice and results in less strain and sick days.

ES Technology - Chromebooks & Professional Development

Following on last year’s highly successful move by the District to Chromebooks and Google Classroom apps, the Elementary School Principal requested additional Chromebooks and training for Elementary School faculty.

Mac Laptops & Final Cut Software for Media Classes

High School Social Studies teacher Chris Doyle had previously requested funds for 10 Mac laptops for use in his TV production classes. The laptops proved popular with his students and others and this year’s request from Mr. Doyle and art teacher Courtney Alan requested 20 Mac Books and Final Cut software for use by all High School students in creating digital productions.


Athletic Training Facility Equipment

This grant provided injury rehabilitation equipment similar to that used in physical therapy offices to help Bronxville’s injured athletes heal more quickly and conveniently.

Football Sled

This grant replaced an old, dangerous football sled with two new sleds.


$567,000 total grants


Band Composition Artist in Residence

This grant provided funds for Bronxville alum, John Heiss, a professor at the New England Conservatory of Music to work with Bronxville band students.

Engineering & Physics Course Development & Materials

This grant provided resources for a High School teacher to develop a new high school course offering, titled “Advanced Physics and Engineering.” This course addressed the needs of students to  further their physics studies as well as get an introduction to the concepts and methodology pertinent to an engineering course of study or career. Grant funds were used to purchase specialized materials, for professional development and a stipend for the teacher to develop the new curriculum over the summer. The course enrolled students in the fall.

ES, MS, & HS Common Core Literacy Grant

Foundation grants supported professional development for language arts teachers in all three schools to come up to speed quickly on new requirements of the Common Core.

Half Moon Classroom Discovery

Provided funding for an “in-house” field trip for 4th graders when a historian from the New Netherlands Museum brought to life the experience of Henry Hudson’s crew aboard the Half Moon through hands-on activities and a variety of replica artifacts. The program supplemented the 4th grade study of the Age of Exploration as part of the social studies curriculum.   

Innovation Fellows Program

This grant funded a competitive fellowship awarded to five high school teachers as “Innovation Fellows” charged with taking a year to study new  aspects of pedagogy and skills that are necessary for students to thrive in the 21st century. The Fellows studied a variety of topics including the flipped classroom and flexible, innovative classroom design that led to future grants for specialized education architects to help re-design several classrooms as flexible, tech-enabled spaces that allowed for a greater variety of teaching and learning methods.

Kindergartners as Readers

Provided specialized libraries of books in each kindergarten classroom comprised of multi-leveled texts on specific non-fiction topics so that each Kindergartner would be able to read a text on the same subject that matched his/her reading level.

Lincoln Center Institute Partnership

Provided for Lincoln Center’s Education Partnership to work in second grade classrooms to use performing and visual arts and visits to cultural institutions as an engaging way to supplement ELA and social studies curricula

Mindfulness Pilot for MS Advisory Program

Allowed two MS faculty to attend training to learn yoga and meditation techniques that could be brought into the classroom setting to help reduce stress and improve focus.

Motivational Speaker - Kevin Pearce

Provided funds to bring noted motivational speaker and former professional snowboarder, Kevin Pearce, to speak to Bronxville students about grit, determination and brain injury.

Non-Fiction Text Resources

This grant purchased elementary school classroom libraries of non-fiction texts which were required by the new Common Core curriculum.

Orchestra Composition – Artist in Residence

Provided funds for a professional composer to work with orchestra students on their own compositions.

Sharpe Reservation I - Leadership Initiative

Provided funding for the 9th grade class and their Freshman Transition leaders to travel to Sharpe Reservation at year-end to celebrate their work and community building together.  

Sharpe Reservation II - Team building Project

This grant reprised the popular Sharpe Reservation trip for new High School freshman and their senior mentors.

Singapore Math Professional Development & Materials

The Foundation underwrote training and materials for the implementation of the Singapore Math curriculum in the Elementary School starting in 2012 in Kindergarten. This year’s grant applied to the 2nd grade.

Teaching Shakespeare Project

Provided funds to send a HS Humanities teacher to an intensive summer workshop on “Teaching Shakespeare in the Classroom” to help create a more engaging and deep learning experience for students in one of the essential parts of the ELA curriculum. The teacher worked with other MS and HS teachers in the fall to provide them the tools to use in their classrooms. A license to continue to use course materials was also purchased so that other Bronxville teachers had access to the teaching materials.

Theater Arts & the Common Core Program

This grant request from the 1st, 4th and 5th grade allowed Play Group Theater to work with students in creative and engaging lessons geared toward the Common Core literacy standards for those grades.

Douglas Florian Poet Visit

Provided funds for poet, Douglas Florian, to work with Elementary students in grades K-5 providing four assembly programs tailored to each grade level. Florian read and recited original poetry, taught children various techniques such as rhyme, simile, onomatopoeia, and haiku and shared his own creative process for writing, illustrating and publishing his work.

Professional Development

Adaptive Leadership Development

With resources from this grant, the District leadership team, including many new and recently new hires, worked with Cambridge Leadership Associates to strengthen the team’s leadership and adaptive capacities.  The consultation lasted for 13 months and included not only administration, but expanded to include faculty leadership and classroom teachers as well.

Technology Instruction – Google Applications & Devices

Thirty teachers from across all three schools were trained as Certified Google Educators and helped additional faculty learn to use the new technologies.

Math, Science & Technology Conference

This request was for two High School math teachers to attend a conference at Phillips Exeter Academy about the impact of applications of technology in the classroom and the role of technology in math and science curricula.

Professional Development Schools National Conference

This grant funded the ES assistant principal and the Director of Professional Development to attend the National Schools Conference to learn more about school/university partnerships. The Elementary School had begun a partnership with Long Island University to provide graduate education student interns for the Elementary School and the school hoped to deepen and expand the partnership.

Social Studies National Conference

These funds allowed the high school World History teachers to attend the 94th annual Social Studies National Conference to learn about best teaching practices, strategies and methods for implementing Common Core requirements, and to align World History content for grades 6 to 10.

World Language Conference

Foundation resources allowed the World Languages teachers to attend conferences focused on the teaching of foreign languages including AP courses.  

New Technology for Arts and Sciences

Bringing Technology into the Classrooms

This grant of $166,000 helped the District start to move from special use, off-site computer labs to bringing technology seamlessly into classrooms to allow easier collaboration between students and students and teachers. More than 400 Chrome Books were purchased and 30 teachers were trained in Google Apps for Education.

Digital Photography Studio

This grant provided equipment and supplies to renovate Room A106 into a digital photography studio for a variety of purposes for art classes -   reference photographs (still life studies, lighting studies, portrait studies, living artwork, etc), set up of studio work for portraits or still life that can be used for students’ AP portfolios, artist’s portfolio, digital portfolios or to professionally shoot their artwork to be used in their digital portfolio or to send to colleges for arts supplements and applications.

IPADs for Special Education Staff

This grant provided iPads and apps for Special Ed teachers to use for speech-language therapy and for occupational and physical therapy.  iPads were also used for data collection, to provide students with immediate visual and auditory feedback and to use for one-on-one work in small spaces.

TV Studio Installation

This grant provided building materials and equipment to transform a room into a studio for use by Bronco TV, for music recording and additional recording needs of the school.


Baseball Radar Gun

The Varsity Baseball coach requested funds to purchase a radar gun to use help the team improve its pitching.

Basketball Backboard & Hoop Replacements

The basketball backboards and hoops were past their useful life and dangerous but the Athletic Department did not have funds in their budget to replace them.  The Foundation was able to help.

Basketball Shoot Away Gun

This grant purchased a device to feed basketballs to our teams during practice allowing coaches to concentrate on higher-value-added activities during practice.

Camera System for Chambers Press Box

The grant provided for filming equipment for the Chambers Field Press box for coaches’ use to review action with players and make corrections and suggestions, to use to produce recruiting videos and to tape and later broadcast sporting events.

ES Recess Gaga Pit

This grant was submitted by fifth grade students looking for a way to provide a safe, fun, active recess activity for elementary students that multiple students could use at the same time.

HUDL Computer System

HUDL is a high tech athletic scouting system that allows coaches and athletes to get full-team access to video analysis tools from any computer or mobile device. Teams can watch the video and notes their coach’s share with them. Athletes can watch from their mobile devices and create virtual team meetings.


$693,000 total grants


University Graduate Student Internships

Funded Long Island University graduate education students to intern in Bronxville Elementary School classrooms.  The interns allowed classroom teachers the flexibility to engage in professional development knowing that their classes would be covered by the interns who were familiar with the students and the lesson plans.  After a year of piloting the program successfully, the District budget for substitute teachers was able to absorb the ongoing cost of the program. The program proved helpful in hiring tested teachers.

Redefining “Rigor” for 21st Century Learners

This professional development opportunity for Bronxville faculty allowed teachers to research, discuss and design curriculum geared toward building the skills and attributes that Bronxville students would need to succeed in college and in the work world of the 21st Century..

Singapore Math Program Materials

The Foundation provided the resources for facutly training and for specialized materials for the mulit-year rollout of Singapore Math in the Elementary School.

Theatre Artist in Residence Program

Provided funding for an enrichment program and teacher training in the Elementary School.  The program uses theater and drama to engage students in learning English Language Arts and related skills like public speaking and creativity.  Elementary School teachers received training and mentoring in the techniques to continue the program with students after the residency was complete.

Lincoln Center Institute School Partnership

Lincoln Center Institute will partner with Elementary School teachers to develop a study of imaginative learning through the arts. This year-long program will include two units: visual arts with a visit to the MET and performing arts with a live performance of music and dance. The program includes hands-on, in-school activities with art and classroom teachers as well as visiting artists. The objective is to deepen the student's ability to view the world through an artist's eye, focusing on vocabulary development, critical thinking and creativity.

Jazz Orchestra Guest Teacher

Written by the High School Orchestra teacher, this grant provided a special guest teacher for an enrichment program that helps music students working on music compositions in the School’s specialized music computer lab.


SMART Document Cameras

SMART document cameras are an educational tool that offers teachers a unique way to display and explore documents including student work and 3-D content. Physical objects are placed under the camera and displayed on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard for in-depth exploration.

TV Production Equipment

The grant provided specialized equipment for the High School media classes and the Bronco TV extracurricular club to use to learn about and produce professional audio and video content.


Singapore Math Curriculum and Teacher Training

The Foundation is helping the District roll out Singapore Math in the Elementary School one grade-level at a time.  The grant provides for professional development for teachers as well as special Singapore Math teaching materials

Mindfulness in Education Conference

Provided for a High School teacher to attend a conference to learn techniques for incorporating mindfulness practices into classroom learning.  Research into mindfulness practice indicates its ability to reduce stress and improve learning.  High School students learning the techniques worked with Elementary School students to help them start using the skills early in their academic careers.

National Science Teachers Conference

The grant funded several Middle and High School teachers to attend an annual subject-area conference to keep the Science department abreast of latest developments in Science education and bring back ideas and curriculum to implement at the Bronxville School.


Positive Coaching Alliance

Provided seminars with the "Positive Coaching Alliance" for Bronxville coaches grades 7-12. Coaches learned strategies and techniques to use with their student athletes to help create a positive team environment, improve communication between athletes and coaches, and make student athletes aware of their roles and responsibilities as team members.

IPADs for Athletic Coaches and Teams

iPads are a flexible, lightweight tool allowing coaches to easily track player and team statistics, film and share video for instructive purposes and use a variety of apps to improve management and performance of their teams.

FitLight Trainer

The FitLight trainer is a wireless training system  developed by an Olympic coach to help athletes improve speed, agility and focus.  The FitLight can be configured in a multitude of ways to work on a variety of skills for all sports.  Athlete data is wirelessly saved so that performance improvements can be tracked and analyzed.

Soccer Training Equipment

With this grant, the soccer team was able to purchase easily portable practice equipment that allowed for flexibility with limited field space.


Water Fountains and Retrofit Water Bottle Filling Stations

This grant was written by a team of fifth grade students under the guidance of a parent volunteer.  The students identified the need for clean, updated fountains to replace the old fountains well past their useful life and to reduce the use of bottled water in the school for environmental reasons.

Under-sink Water Filters for K-2nd grades

This grant was written by a parent with the K-2 teachers. Parents were assigned to bring in cases of disposable plastic water bottles for snacks and lunch for K-2. With the water filters on the classroom sinks the expensive and environmentally unfriendly bottled water was no longer necessary.

Pride in School History: Restoration of Portraits

This grant restored two iconic portraits gracing the Rotunda entrance of the Bronxville School.

Bronco Fields Phase II Concession Stand

This grant helped complete the Chambers Field project by providing funds to build a concession stand, add bleachers and a press box to our field facillities. 


$1,023,000 total grants

  • HS Resource Center for Math & English
  • ES Cogmed Working Memory Intervention
  • Lincoln Center Institute School Partnership
  • Lego Lunch Bunch
  • Teaching Garden
  • Latin By Heart
  • Critical & Creative Thinking Assessment
  • K-8 Literacy Curriculum
  • Instructional Coaching for HS Faculty
  • Science Conference for K-12 Teachers
  • AP Conference July 2012
  • Positive Training for Athletic Coaches
  • MS Character Counts
  • Library eReader Devices & eBooks
  • HS Science Data Acquisition, Analysis and Sharing Technology
  • SMART Document Cameras
  • SMART Boards for 1st Grade & MS Computer Lab
  • Television Production Equipment and Cart
  • Digital Technology for HS Art
  • K-12 Art Display Panels
  • Beautification of the 1st Floor
  • Scoreboards for Main Gymnasium
  • Concussion Baseline Testing Program
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Basketball Hoop for ES Playground
  • MS Computer Lab SMART Board


$322,000 total grants

  • Environmental Club Courtyard Project
  • SmartMusic Subscriptions for Grades 4-6
  • SMART Boards for Grade 1
  • Literacy Programs for Middle & High Schools
  • Digital Planetarium System & Inflatable Dome
  • Literacy Curriculum Development for Grades K-5
  • SMART Boards for Elementary Music
  • Science Wall Art Display
  • Seniors Return to Yesteryear Project
  • Big Belly Solar Trash & Recycling Compactor
  • Attendance at National Council of English Teachers
  • LCD Announcement Screen for Elementary School
  • Health & Wellness Pilot Program for Grades 1 & 2
  • Television Production Equipment for High School
  • Books for the Learning Center
  • Digital Cameras for Special Education Grades K-5
  • iPads & Applications for Special Education Grades K-5
  • Blocks


$223,000 total grants

  • Literacy Curriculum Development for K-12
  • K-12 Global Education Initiative for K-12
  • Book Making Workshop for Elementary School
  • Hallway Displays and Frames
  • Computer Controlled Router Cutting Machine
  • Digital Microscopes for High School Labs
  • Climbing Wall for Project Adventure
  • Senteo Interactive Test Scoring System for 4th & 5th Grades
  • Edinburgh International Theatre Fringe Festival
  • Domain Name for “The Echo”
  • Large-Scale Geologic Visual Map Display
  • Baseball Batting Cage
  • Green Roof Project for Elementary School
  • SMART Boards for: Special Education, Grades 3-5, MS & HS Resource Room
  • SMART Boards for Elementary Art
  • SMART Boards for 2d Grade Classrooms & ES Classroom
  • Sound Board and Related Equipment for ES, MS & HS Productions
  • Service Learning Project in Tanzania
  • Ceramics Equipment
  • Computer Lab SMART Board Projector
  • Athletic Council Leadership Development Program
  • SmartResponse Technology for 5th Grade
  • First Performances Diagnostics for ES Special Education
  • Reusable Water Bottle


$362,000 total grants

  • Technology Curriculum Mapping
  • Concession Stand & Restrooms for Chambers Field
  • Leadership Training Retreat for High School
  • Freshman Transition Program
  • Video Chat Capability for Faculty
  • Seated Tiered Risers for Chorus Room
  • Football Field Training Equipment
  • Panel Discussions for "Hot Topics in Athletics"
  • Skeleton Model for Art Classes
  • Audio Visual Equipment for Multi Purpose Room
  • Senteo Interactive Test Scoring System For Elementary School
  • SMART Board Projectors for Fifth Grade
  • Performance of “A Midsummer Night's Dream”
  • Faculty Visit to our Sister School in Ecuador
  • Digital Video Camera for the Athletics
  • SMART Boards for Third Grade
  • Support for the Nicaragua Club
  • SMART Boards for Special Education Classrooms
  • Cardiovascular Equipment for Fitness Center
  • On-Line Electives for High School
  • Video Editing Equipment
  • LCD Monitor for Faculty Conference Room
  • Audio Visual Equipment for Board Room
  • Outside Zip Line for Project Adventure
  • Communication Device for Special Ed Students
  • Design and Drawings for Phase II Field Project
Chris JordanGrants by Year