Upgrades, repairs and renovations to the school facilities are generally covered by the District budget and reserves.  However, there are times when administrators or teachers want to pilot a new way to design and use space or specialized classroom furniture or equipment where Foundation grants make it possible. It’s important to note that Foundation grants for special facilities, technology or equipment are often paired with training and professional development for staff so that those assets are used to their fullest potential.

Elementary School - MakerSpace

As part of its new K-5 STEAM curriculum, the Elementary School wanted to create a place where students could design, build and experiment with their creations. A Foundation grant helped transform part of the Elementary School Library into a makerspace to do just that. A variety of building materials are available from high-tech electronics to low-tech cardboard and glue. The important thing is that students are developing age appropriate problem solving and engineering skills.

Middle School - Computer and Robotics Lab

In 2015, Middle School Principal Tom Wilson worked with the District tech team on a grant to renovate the Middle School computer lab into a computer and robotics lab with Mac computers, robotics equipment, flexible furniture to allow students and teachers to collaborate and work together in a variety of styles and technology that allowed students to share their work with classmates but also remotely with students and teachers around the world.

High School - Innovation Classrooms

In 2014, High School Principal Ann Meyer requested funds for a program called Innovation Fellows. Select faculty members were chosen in a competitive process to spend time over the school year studying cutting edge teaching techniques and bringing them into their own classrooms and to the school as a whole. Over that year, the research being done by the Fellows kept leading back to the importance of flexible, tech-enhanced classrooms that would allow a variety of teaching and learning modalities to prepare students for college and 21st century careers. In 2015, the Fellows requested another grant to work with Fielding Nair Inc, a world-renowned educational architecture firm to design and renovate three pilot Innovation Classrooms.  Trainers from Fielding Nair provided professional development to help teachers use the rooms to their full capabilities. 

Fielding Nair also helped HS Art teacher Courtney Alan redesign the Art Room in 2016-17. A new layout, new furniture and new storage provided better lighting, more space, more flexible drawing surfaces and easier access to materials for art students and teachers.

IDE Classroom Redesign & Flexible Seating

The School is partnering with IDE Corp. (Innovative Designs for Education) to redesign classrooms and strengthen instructional practice to support students' ability to take ownership of their work.  Thanks to the support of the Foundation, numerous classrooms have been outfitted with new furniture and technology based on the IDE philosophy.  The Foundation also has funded other flexible seating grants that allow students to easily collaborate, participate in dynamic group discussions, and engage in innovative work.



Auditorium:  The Foundation has been a long-time supporter of upgrades to the Auditorium. Starting in the 1990's, Foundation grants helped install special lighting, upgrade the sound system, provide curtains and scrims. Then, in 2015, the Foundation was part of a community-wide effort that included a bond referendum, Foundation grants, PTA gifts and private fundraising to accomplish a state-of-the-art renovation of the Auditorium. The project redesigned the floor elevation, seating layout and created a fully accessible stage and seating area with a wraparound balcony. The restoration of the proscenium, the open fabric-paneled ceiling and the addition of a retractable acoustic curtain in the attic resulted in an acoustically flexible space that is suitable for music and spoken performance events. Another key feature was the addition of a lobby and gathering space with a separate public entrance.

Cardio and weight room: In 2016, Phys Ed Director Brian Senior submitted a grant to renovate the old weight and wrestling rooms into new cardio and weight rooms with safe, state-of-the-art equipment that would accommodate the District’s ever-growing athletic program and phys ed classes from Middle through High School.

State-of-the-Art TV Studio: At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, the Bronxville School debuted a new TV studio outfitted by the Foundation.  The studio features three cameras, a 4K recorder, LED lighting, teleprompters, an anchor desk and greenscreen, playback monitor, and a control room.  Bronxville students operate Bronco TV, acting as news anchors, reporters, camera operators, producers and editors.  

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